Thank Your Best Friend, Because No One Else Has Your Back Like She Does

Unlike your sister, your best friend chooses to be part of your life. She actually sticks around because she loves you, cares about you, and wants to be part of the madness that is your life. She gets you in ways that no one else does, and unlike 99 percent of the other people you know in the world, she’ll drop everything and anything to be there when you need her. The woman deserves a medal.

While there are hundreds of things for which to thank your best friend like that time she bailed you out of jail or the time she sat by your side in the ER  here are 11 we can all relate to.

Always being your wingwoman.

It doesn’t even matter if she eye-spied him at the bar first, when it comes to putting up with the intolerable friends of a guy you’re into, she’s always on it.

Holding your hair back when you puke.

Actually, she can thank you for the same. (When are you two going to learn to start carrying hair ties with you when you go out drinking?)

Telling you that you look truly awful when you actually do.

The foundation of a true friendship is painfully brutal, heartbreakingly real, honesty.

Lying to you when you need it.

But then, on the other hand, sometimes you’re not just emotionally or mentally competent to handle the truth, so your friend knows when to shut up.

Not judging your awful taste in men.

You have the worst taste in men and you always go to bed with the dumbest dude in the bar! Why!? No one knows! You should get on your knees and thank your BFF for not judging you for this, because she’d be judging you every night of the week if she did.

Picking up the phone no matter the hour.

Only a true saint would pick up the phone at 4AM to listen to you rant and rave about the new woman your ex is dating or how you slept with your boss at the holiday work party and now you think you’re in love. Oh, brother.

Tolerating your late night drunken texts.

Again, only a true saint would read and actually reply to those drunken texts, because only a saint would take the time to try to figure out what all those misspellings are supposed to mean.

Getting you the perfect birthday gift every year.

She just knows that you won’t be happy until your collection of stuffed animal frogs requires a room of its own.

Understanding everything you’re thinking with just a look.

It’s not even a look, as much as it’s a quick shift of the eyes, to be honest. But either way, be thankful for it because sometimes situations do not allow for a loud “OMG.”

Popping that zit on your back that you can’t quite reach.

You should probably take her out for dinner after this one; not that she would ever demand a thank you dinner, of course.

For putting up with your endless, yet entertaining, drama.

Seriously, like I said: The woman deserves a medal. A big one. Covered in golden slices of pizza followed by mounds of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

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