These Thanksgiving Bingo Cards Are A Must-Have For Turkey Day Fun

Look, I know Thanksgiving is truly about stuffing yourself to the brim with as much turkey and as many sides as your stomach will allow, but when all the eating is done and you really can’t be bothered with football, it’s time to crack out the games. This year, get the kids and adults involved with Thanksgiving bingo* – it’s just good, clean fun and I think we can all use some of that right now.

  1. It’s really simple so even the smallest kids can play. While generally speaking, little ones aren’t going to be able to figure out Monopoly or card games, they can pretty much all play bingo. This Thanksgiving version features adorable images that most kids will recognize and be able to cover up with the included stickers.
  2. It’s a great way to embrace the season. Because this is Thanksgiving bingo, all the photos on the cards are of turkeys, pies, pumpkins, leaves, and other seasonal images. This time only comes once a year, so we might as well embrace it to the fullest!
  3. There’s no limit on how many people can play. Well, at least technically speaking. Since each pack of Thanksgiving bingo contains 24 cards, you can literally have 24 people play (or potentially more if you buy multiple packs). Or, if you have a smaller family, you can play multiple games together. Totally up to you.
  4. Best of all, they’re super affordable. A pack of 24 cards will run you $10.39 on Amazon, which is a pretty sweet deal. You can get yours HERE – get moving, Thanksgiving will be here before you know it!

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