This Thanksgiving Turkey Is Actually A Cake And My Mind Is Blown

Some people are just so talented that my brain can’t even comprehend how they do the things they do. That’s certainly the case with Sarah Hardy, a baker who made a cake that looks so much like a real Thanksgiving turkey that I can’t believe it’s not the real deal.

Scroll down to hear more about Hardy’s handywork and see a video of how she makes the cakes, courtesy of Insider.

It looks like a raw turkey! The detail on this cake is incredible, from the way the “skin” hangs around the cavity to the little bumps under the skin that make it look like the bird was recently plucked. This whole thing is just incredible and I can’t get over it.

The cake sounds delicious. Beneath the outer “turkey skin” is actually a four-layer sponge cake with pink buttercream frosting, which helps lend a bit of realistic color under the marzipan used for the skin. YUM.

Hardy has an art background, which makes so much sense. You couldn’t make cakes like this without some serious artistic ability. Hardy says she was an artist and used to make money creating waxwork sculptures for museums before she got pregnant. However, the constant traveling and the fact that she had to work with harsh chemicals all the time meant she decided to give it a break, and when her kids got old enough to appreciate her handiwork, she branched out into making sculpture cakes.

It’s all a bit of fun. “When you’re buying a chocolate or a cake, you tend to be giving it to someone as a present and you want to give them an experience, not just a taste experience. the experience of surprise and a little bit of joy as well,” she said. “But most of the ideas are just things that I love, I’m just interested in natural history, internal organs, historical artifacts. If I like it and it’s cool I’ll just make it edible.”

The cakes are really expensive to purchase. If you wanted to purchase a hyper-realistic cake like this, it would cost hundreds of dollars and take days to make. Given how intricate the work is and how amazing the final product is, I’d say it would be worth it for a special occasion!

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