The Best Comfy Underwear You Can Buy On Amazon (Because Thongs Suck)

Forget lacy, uncomfortable lingerie and thongs that basically feel like they’re slicing you open by the butt—it’s all about the comfy underwear. If you’re in the market for some new basics, check these out on Amazon.

Evari Women’s Boyshorts (Pack of 5) – $28.99

Why should guys get all the fun of boxers? Boyshorts are super comfortable, and these are some of my favs. They fit true to size, the cotton’s super breathable, and they just make me feel all cozy.

Fruit of the Loom Assorted Bikini (6 pack) – $11.94

I almost feel dumb saying anything about these because everyone knows Fruit of the Loom, but they’re classics for a reason. They’re inexpensive, they fit well, and they’re comfortable. What more do you want in underwear?

wiarpa High-Waisted, Full-Coverage Briefs (4 pack) – $19.99

Mama loves a full-coverage brief, I must admit. These come in a couple of different colors as well as a variety pack and they’re super flattering. I like underwear that hold me in a little, if you know what I mean, so these are some of my favs.

Buankoxy Mid-Rise Stretch Cotton Panties (8 pack) – $20.99

Probably my favorite thing about these is the fact that the waistband is seamless (or feels it) so it doesn’t dig in. I can’t tell you how many pairs of underwear I’ve had where the leg bands or waistband digs in and it’s super uncomfortable. Not a problem with these, and for the price, you can literally refill your entire underwear from scratch without breaking the bank.

Ruxia Seamless Hipster Panties (5 pack) – $19.59

If you still want to feel at least vaguely sexy in your underwear, maybe hipsters are more your speed. If that’s the case, these seamless Ruxia ones are pretty great. No digging in, super stretchy and great-fitting, and cute.

X-Nomiy Mid-High Waist Hipster Briefs (5 pack) – $21.99

OK, real talk, I just bought these because I’m a sucker for pastel colors and these are super pretty. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel super girly, right? Plus, the aforementioned benefits of being seamless and not digging in? Ugh, these are the best.

Balanced Tech Seamless Hipster Brief (6 pack) – $29.99

These are a little more expensive than some of the options on this list but they feel it, to be honest. The fabric is thicker and feels high quality while still remaining lightweight and being super breathable. These are the kind of underwear you want to wear around the house on their own and not ruin by putting pants over. I’m not the only one who does that, right?

Ouenz Cotton Underwear (5 Pack) – $17.99

Another option I initially purchased just because the colors were so flattering. It just so happens that they fit really well, feel really comfortable, and don’t show panty lines.

Altheanray Low-Rise Hipsters (6 pack) – $18.99

Another option for when you want to feel cute as hell in your underwear. I love the little crossover effect in the front of these – it’s a nice touch that doesn’t feel weird under clothes but looks adorable. I also like that they come in basic, neutral colors because I’m a classy broad and I like to seem like it sometimes.

Rokery Cotton Boyshorts (4 pack) – $15.49

If you’re a younger millennial, you probably won’t get this reference, but don’t these remind you of the Delia’s catalogue? They did me, and that’s exactly why I bought them. Yes, that’s a good enough reason for me. Nostalgia is strong.

Innersy Low Rise Cotton Briefs (6 pack) – $17.99

I wear these to the gym all the time because they fit so well and are super breathable. Not that the other options listed above aren’t, but these just feel like gym underwear to me so I go with it. Try it – see if you agree.

Cat-Themed Bikinis (6 pack) – $11.99

Cats are cute, these underwear are cute, the end. Seriously, what else do you need to know?

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