The Best Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Finding Love On Dating Apps In 2022

Modern dating is already tough enough, but using dating apps  to find love can seem absolutely impossible. Take inspiration from a friend of mine who referred to dating apps as a “sea of d**ks” (or the other, if that’s your thing) with seemingly endless swiping and many choices to make in mere seconds. Here’s what to prioritize when using dating apps in 2022 and beyond.

  1. Try out one before you download them all. A lot of people might tell you to download every single dating app available, but that could be a recipe for disaster. First of all, it’s addicting to scroll and swipe. Second, it’s overwhelming to keep up with so many potential dates and really evaluate who could be a good match. Look up each app and compare and contrast them. Would you rather make the first move or let someone else shoot their shot? You can easily narrow down an app that’s right for you. It’s 2022, meaning many of these dating apps have been around for years and have been thoroughly tested. Do your research before diving in.
  2. Expand your dating app pool once you get a feel for things. Once you’ve mastered one or two, you can expand your search with more apps and accounts. Unless you’re known to go overboard, then limit yourself. Choose a few core apps that you feel best gel with your personality and what you’re looking for and focus on those.
  3. Know what kind of person you’re looking for. If you have hard boundaries or expectations for a partner, stick to them. Don’t put your hope in someone’s potential and instead see them for who they are presenting themselves as the moment you see their profile. If you’re pretty open and have dated tons of kinds of people, figure out what drew you to them in the first place. Take their positive traits and make a list. Then, see who best aligns with your wants and needs. It’s 2022 and you’ve dealt with too many disappointments to be putting up with more from dating apps.
  4. Stop using group pictures as the main event. Ever scrolled through an app and seen a profile where you couldn’t tell who was your potential date? It’s frustrating and can make someone feel misled if they think your bestie is you, not to mention hurt feelings for you. One or two group pics later in the profile is fine to show off that you like being around friends or who is most important in your life, but other than that, it should be focused on you.
  5. Take advantage of the filters. You may think narrowing down your search results is a bad thing, but if you’re really out here wanting to find “the one” as opposed to a casual hookup, filtering your results to the kind of person you’re looking for gets you closer to your goal. Plus, it gives you more time to focus on yourself and not worry about missing out on potential good matches.

More tips for finding love on dating apps in 2022

  1. Don’t bother with the paid features. A lot of dating apps like to tempt their users into buying more time, chances, and other perks on their platform. This includes misleading “Look who liked you!” messages. They’re meant to make you spend money, not an instant love finder You can still find the right person without investing your hard-earned cash into a dating app. Invest it in yourself instead.
  2. Be genuine. Don’t play a character. Yes, you should absolutely bring your best to the table, but what’s going to happen when your date discovers that the fake version of you isn’t you at all? It only lasts for so long. Instead, flirt the way you would actually flirt as opposed to sending what you think will get their attention. If you’re bad at flirting, you can practice until you develop your own unique style that you’re confident with.
  3. Keep conversations on the app for the first few dates. No matter how hot they are or how well you hit it off, safety should be your priority. Protect yourself by making sure they’re really who they say they are and don’t let them have your number until they’ve proven they want to know you for you and not for something nefarious. Plus, it lets you tease your date and keeps their interest up by not giving away every little secret you have.
  4. Dates should be in public places. Just like the previous point, your focus should be on safety. Don’t go over to their apartment/house/cabin in the woods on the first date, no matter how tempting it is. Choose a restaurant in a safe neighborhood and do so when it is still well-lit outside. You will have more opportunities for sexy late-night dates later. Any date who cares about you will understand your caution. If they try to guilt you into going somewhere else and it has nothing to do with mutual convenience or distance, block them.
  5. Don’t be discouraged. We’ve all had terrible date stories and heartbreak. Getting ghosted sucks. But giving up won’t help you find your forever love. Take breaks if you need them, but always remember to be consistent and never let the failures kill your chances at love. There’s someone out there for everyone, even if you have to look a little longer than your friends. Plus, if dating apps fail you, know that it’s still possible to meet people in person too, even in 2022.
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