The Pitfalls Of Getting Serious Too Quickly

Rushing right into the arms of the man of your dreams sounds like a dream come true, but in reality, jumping into a relationship probably won’t result in happily ever after. Here are some things to consider before getting serious too quickly:

You don’t really know each other.

If you rush into commitment, you never really get the chance to know your partner. Once you’re serious, you may find out that you actually don’t like this person. It’s too late for an easy out, so get ready for a breakup.

The breakup will be messy.

If you jump too fast, it’s going to hurt when you finally hit the ground. You both see the potential for something great, but rather than taking things slow, you’re tempted to run away with the fantasy. Once that dream bubble bursts, the flaw in this fairy tale is going to break your heart.

You skip the good parts.

Pushing fast forward on your relationship is only going to make you miss out on the wonder of the little things. The honeymoon stage is light and simple; when things get serious they get harder. If you skip the fun and go straight to the serious, you’re going to have to work to keep your relationship afloat.

You make promises you can’t keep.

You can’t guarantee a lifetime before you’ve spent extensive time together. It always hurts to be the casualty of a promise someone couldn’t keep, so save your always and forever until you say, “I do.”

You say things you don’t mean.

Rushing into those three magical words can bring heartbreak when the realization hits that what you said wasn’t true. You might be impulsive and may not think before you speak, and that will usually end up getting you in trouble.

You’ll suffocate each other.

If you go from being alone to spending all your time together, you’re going to crash and burn. At first you might love every minute together, but once you discover all those annoying little idiosyncracies your partner has, you’ll be begging for some space.

You could be settling.

You want to find Mr. Right so badly that you’re rushing into the arms of Mr. Wrong. You’re so focused on the good you see in him that you’re blind to the bad. Just remember that settling for the wrong guy only keeps you from finding the right one.

You rush into sex.

If you’re rushing into the emotional part of your relationship, you’re probably rushing the sexual part, too. If you aren’t ready for the tangles beneath the sheets, then your feelings about the relationship will be all the more confusing. And when reality catches up, you might just have more than a few regrets.

You set unrealistic expectations.

You’re set your hopes too high on a guy you didn’t really know. Neither of you can make that sort of commitment so early in the game. You expect him to be your everything, and when he can’t give you everything you ever dreamed of, you’re going to be more than a little crushed.

You’ll piss off your friends.

If you’re happy, your friends are happy, right? That may be true, but if you all of a sudden ditch your girls for a man you just met, they’re going to be a little peeved. Not only will they be hurt and upset, they’ll also be worried that rushing a relationship will end with you getting your heart shattered.

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