The Real Reasons Your Boyfriend Cheated On You, According To A Guy

There’s nothing worse than when your partner cheats on you. But as much as it hurts, it’s important to remember that infidelity doesn’t happen randomly. You may think your boyfriend is nothing more than an insensitive, selfish pig for stepping out on you, and while that may be true, there’s probably an explanation for his behavior. Here are some of the real reasons why your boyfriend may have cheated on you.

He lacks relationship experience.

I’ll admit that this is a bad excuse, but it can be true. Guys who don’t have a lot of experience being in a committed relationship are usually more prone to cheating. They don’t always realize the potential fallout from this behavior and how it’ll make you feel. They also don’t know enough to avoid tempting situations or resist the urge to cheat when an opportunity presents itself. Sadly, some of us don’t grasp the difference between being single and being in a relationship.

He feels unappreciated.

I’m not saying this justifies cheating on someone, but it does seem somewhat reasonable. You may think you do plenty to show your guy you appreciate him, but if he says he feels unappreciated, that’s valid. If a guy feels like his girlfriend takes him for granted and then he meets someone else who makes him feel differently, he’ll be tempted to cheat. If nothing changes in the relationship, it could be just a matter of until he starts an affair.

He still has sparks with an ex.

I’m sure most of us can relate to the feelings that stir up when a former partner comes back into our lives. It can be a little confusing if you’re in a new relationship since a lot of us have some kind of unresolved feelings with our exes. Often times, it creates the temptation to cheat on your new partner, especially if you’re going through a rough patch in your current relationship. For some guys, cheating with an ex may not even feel like cheating. Obviously that’s not true, but not all guys see it that way.

He lacks willpower.

If a guy feels a spark or connection with someone who isn’t their girlfriend, he may lack the willpower to say no. Girlfriend or not, it’s hard to reject someone who wants to be with you even if you know it’s just a one-night stand. Some of us guys are strong enough to resist temptation, but too many of us are weak and will give in.

He’s depressed or anxious.

Obviously, this is not the typical reason why a person cheats. But psychological issues like depression or anxiety can change the way a person thinks. Simple logic like not cheating on your girlfriend isn’t always easy to follow. Of course, it doesn’t help if the relationship is part of the reason why a guy feels depressed or anxious.

He wants to end things.

Not all guys are good at breaking up with someone. Some of us simply resort to cheating, knowing that you’ll end the relationship for us if you find out. In a way, a guy might be trying to start a new relationship before officially getting out of his current one. I’ll admit that this is one of the sleazier things that men are known to do. Just remember that a guy who cheats to get out of a relationship isn’t someone who’s worth your time anyway.

Your current sex life is unfulfilling.

Obviously, if a couple’s sex life is unsatisfactory for one person, you would ideally talk to the other person about it and find ways to spice things up. But if that doesn’t happen, it could only be a matter of time until one of you becomes unfaithful. In a way, it’s a natural response to look for a more fulfilling sex life if you’re unhappy with your current one. However, if a guy can’t talk about his girlfriend about it, he’ll end up cheating on her to make it happen.

He’s a jerk.

To be fair, I told you at the beginning that there’s usually some rhyme or reason for cheating, but the truth is that some guys are just terrible people. There’s no other explanation. Some of us are selfish, rude, and don’t care about anyone but ourselves. Sometimes, cheating comes from immaturity that we’ll eventually grow out of. But some guys are just jerks who cheat on you. The key is spotting the jerks that only care about themselves from the start so you can avoid them altogether.

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