The Struggles Of Being An Indecisive Woman

We have an endless array of options and for the decisions to make every day. Do we get a black coffee or the sugary confection we really want from Starbucks? Do we stay in Friday with some sitcoms or finally catch up with a friend over a few glasses of wine? We can all be indecisive at certain times – it’s unavoidable when there are just so many choices. But there are some of us who are more indecisive than others. If you find yourself forever torn, you can probably relate to these 10 struggles that all indecisive women know to be true.

  1. You always feel like something is missing. It’s difficult to get into a routine or feel like your life is on track when you’re always going back and forth about every single thing. You wonder if you really are happy at your job or if you should switch careers entirely. You worry that the new guy in your life isn’t the right one. Your life never feels complete because there’s always the potential for change once you make another choice.
  2. You second guess everything. You don’t know what it’s like to not doubt every decision you make because you’re afraid that it will be the wrong one. When your BFF asks where you want to go for dinner, you take forever to reply to her text because there are so many new restaurants you’ve been dying to try.
  3. You don’t always feel 100% happy. You sometimes find yourself in a bad mood for no apparent reason. It’s not just you – it’s actually been scientifically proven that indecision causes unhappiness, according to Florida State University research.
  4. Working out doesn’t always happen. Torn between the gym and finally going to that barre class your friend has been raving about, you end up doing nothing.
  5. You wait for the “perfect” time. You want things to be lined up in a row before you act. You won’t buy a one-month pass to your neighborhood yoga studio because you have a lot of stuff to do right now and so you wait.
  6. You are usually stressed out. You know that not everything is overwhelming but sometimes it definitely feels that way.
  7. You wonder if something better is out there. It could be something as small as an after-work take-out order or something as big as whether to take your relationship to the next level. You’re never 100 percent sure
  8. You have a dream but are scared to follow it. You’re the only one who can make a dream happen but getting there involves a lot of small and huge decisions that you’re not sure about making.
  9. Everyone else’s life seems amazing. It can be easy to think you’re the only one who worries and that your friends have it all together, but of course everyone struggles. Your indecisive nature could actually be a good thing – it means that you want to make sure what you’re doing is truly right for you. Just don’t wait so long to act that you miss out.
Aya Tsintziras is a freelance lifestyle writer and editor. She shares gluten-free, dairy-free recipes and personal stories on her food blog, She loves coffee, barre classes and pop culture.