For Me There’s No Casual — Strings Are Always Attached

Keeping it casual, hooking up, friends with benefits — no matter how you phrase it, I can’t do it. When you try to take the emotions out of sex, it’s all the same to me: it’s nothing. I can’t keep it casual because when it comes to my sex life, strings are always attached.

I’m not interested in just sex.

I’m looking for love. Sure, I want a relationship filled with great sex, but I want all the other parts of a real relationship too. I don’t want to settle for just sleeping with a guy. I deserve the whole picture. Don’t we all?

I can’t separate sex from emotions.

In fact, my sex life is part of my love life. They’re intertwined in a way that really can’t be separated. It’s not a bad thing; that’s just the way I like it. I want sex to be more than just a physical act. I want it to mean something.

If I’m not attracted to you mentally, then I’m not attracted to you physically.

Personality will always mean more to me than baby blue eyes and a six pack. Maybe you’re more interested in the symmetry of my face and the size of my boobs, but that’s on you. I want more than just a hot guy in my bed. I want a man I can love, and if that’s not you, then I’ll pass.

If I don’t have feelings already, they’ll be here soon.

Maybe I was attracted to your body at first, but my attraction for you as a person won’t be far behind. If we continue this little charade, I’m going to end up falling for you, and then what? You don’t want anything more, so I’ll be left with a broken heart, and for me, the fact that we slept together will make it so much worse.

If you’re not interested in my mind, then please stay away from my body.

There are other girls out there who are interested in just sex, but I’m not one of them. If you want no strings, then find a girl who has the same desire you do. I’ll lay it all on the table for you. I’ll tell you exactly what I’m looking for. All I ask is that you do the same.

My body is a temple.

Which means I’m not letting just anyone in my bed. I only want a list of men who have loved me, not just men who have screwed me. My body and my heart are one in the same, and I need to protect both. Casual sex is just too casual for me. I want it to mean something more to both of us, because I take love and sex seriously.

I need more than physical intimacy.

I need someone I can talk to, someone I can count on, someone who will always be there. I need that a hell of a lot more than I need sex. Maybe you’re perfectly fine as long as you get off, but I’m not. I need more and I deserve more, so I won’t accept anything less.

I can get myself off.

I don’t need a guy to bring my orgasm. I can do that on my own, thank you very much. I’m not dependent on men even when it comes to pleasing my own body. If I want something purely physical then I can do it myself, but if I want something emotional too then I’ll turn to a worthy man.

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