These Are The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Ghost You

It doesn’t matter if you only exchanged a few messages on a dating app or if you’ve gone out a handful of times — having someone go AWOL on you instead of just saying they’re not feeling it anymore sucks. While more and more singletons are embracing the anti-ghosting trend and being more upfront about breaking things off, not everyone is on board just yet. And while astrology doesn’t determine everything about a person, it can tell you a lot about their general personality types. We spoke to a professional astrologer to find out the zodiac signs most likely to ghost you — here’s what they had to say.

Zodiac signs most likely to ghost you

While there are people not born under these signs who have no qualms about ghosting — and not everyone under the signs below are guilty of it — they do tend to have some problematic patterns.


According to astrologer Emily Newman of Best of Psychic Reader, Aries is one of the zodiac signs most likely to ghost as it’s an easy way out of an awkward situation. Since this sign can sometimes shy away from commitment, they may use it in place of having frank conversations about their preference for more fleeting connections.

“When it comes to deeper, more meaningful relationships, Aries avoid them, as they are passionate, exploratory, and self-discovering by nature,” Newman says. “Aries may quickly move from one relationship to the next. They will ignore your call and text if they become bored and will not feel bad. Instead, they always pick themselves up and never contact you again.”


Geminis are known to be playful and innately curious, which means they tend to be major flirts. However, because they dabble in so many different things, they can rarely commit to just one. For this reason, they’re likely to ghost when the next big thing comes along. This isn’t because there’s anything wrong with you, but rather because their short attention spans mean they struggle to stay interested in just one person.

“Geminis are very well aware that there are billions of people worldwide, so if something doesn’t work out, they have no problem leaving,” Newman says. “They will stay if they feel a connection, but if not, they will not form a deeper connection. The ghosting is more a result of their wanting new experiences, so if you don’t fit into their lives or distract them from their fun, rather than having a discussion, Gemini will simply disappear.”


Aquarians may seem like an odd choice on a list of zodiac signs most likely to ghost you given their straightforward, assertive nature. However, their free-spirited and independent side often leads them to buck traditional ways of doing things, including ending relationships. Because they value their freedom more highly than most other things in life, their first instinct is to run the minute they sense it may be in danger.

As Newman explains: “Aquarius is a curious and fun-loving sign who loves its freedom. Generally, Aquarians do not fall in love instantly because they are easily detached. Aquarius is also bad at handling emotions, so they will quickly leave if they find an emotional person. Their habit is to suddenly stop speaking to them and cut off communication for a long period. They never realize that they have ghosted you because they are easily detached from anything. So if they feel you can’t fit in with them, they will cut the contact.”

Zodiac signs least likely to ghost you


One of the most sensitive and compassionate signs of the zodiac, Cancerians are always concerned about how others feel and will go out of their way not to upset or hurt people. They believe in kindness, honesty, and respect. That means that while it might be awkward, they’ll usually end things directly. They would never want to leave you guessing.

“Cancers know how it feels when you are hurt, so they will never hurt you. If they want a breakup, there will be communication within boundaries, and they will not leave you without letting you know why. So, if you date A Cancer, there is no chance you will suffer from ghosting,” Newman explains.


You can always count on Virgo to have great communication skills. This sign believes that talking issues through can help fix most of them, and they’re prepared to put in the work to make that happen. While sometimes things just don’t work out and your relationship with them might come to an end, you’ll get the closure of a proper breakup, Newman promises.

“Virgo is ruled by mercury, and they are great communicators. Virgo tries to save their relationship in the initial stage. If they feel it won’t work, they will never ghost. They may take time to discuss everything, like why they want to break up. They may take longer to respond because they want to get the words right.”


Leos can be fierce, but they’re also fiercely protective of the people they love and they have big hearts. Because of this, they’ll always consider the feelings of the people they’re dating and aren’t likely to end things without letting you know. That would be rude and disrespectful, and that’s not them. Ultimately, they hate disappointing people or hurting them. They’ll go to great lengths to soften the blow and ensure that doesn’t happen.

“Leo loves drama, but they will never be a drama queen or king when it comes to breaking up. Like Virgo, they will take some time to get you comfortable, find comforting words, and let you know why they are ignoring you and want a breakup. If you date Leo, there is no chance you will suffer from ghosting,” Newman says.

In conclusion

While you can’t assume that any one sign will or won’t ghost you, these are general guidelines that may be helpful as you navigate the dating world. It’s wild out there, so any help we can get, we’ll take!

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