These Freaky Dog Masks Will Make Your Pup Look Like A Human

If you have a dog, chances are the thought of dressing them up on a daily basis has crossed your mind. In fact, chances are you’ve actually done it. Bored Panda uncovered these freaky masks for your pup that makes them look like a human, just with one small catch: they’re terrifying.

They come in three varieties.

Whether you want your dog to look like a mean, cigar-smoking leader of a 1800s street gang, a buck-toothed hillbilly, or a sexy, pucker-lipped ingenue, AXAYINC has the mask for the occasion. 

They also serve as muzzles.

These masks aren’t just hilarious, but they can keep your dog from biting if it’s known to get a little nippy sometimes. The company also claims it can keep your dog from eating stuff it’s not supposed to, but I suppose that’s operating on the assumption that you would take your dog out for a walk in one of these things, and I’m not so sure…

They’re latex, which means they’re easily cleanable.

You can just wipe them down with a damp cloth and let them dry, which is a good thing (and will also help get rid of that yucky latex smell straight out of the package.

There are air holes so your dog can breathe.

It’s one thing wanting your dog to dress up for your entertainment but a whole other thing to force them against their will into an outfit/mask that makes them uncomfortable. AXAYINC promises that air holes in both the nose and mouth area of the masks will ensure your pet gets plenty of fresh air, which I guess is reassuring.

They’re kind of terrifying, right?

I mean, just look at those things! I’m not sure whether to laugh at them or turn away because they’re going to give me nightmares! I guess I’ll laugh to keep from crying…

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