These Things Are Only Awkward When You’re With The Wrong Guy

Every new relationship experiences a few awkward “Did I just do that?” moments, but sometimes those uncomfortable times can actually be happening because you’re with the wrong guy. Here are 15 examples of “awkward” things that are only seen as such because the guy’s making them that way:

  1. Blurting out “I love you” You’ve been feeling it for months and then suddenly, in the heat of the moment, you blurt out those three words… only to be met with awkward silence. Yikes. It’s normal for the first declaration of love to make things a tad weird, but if you’re with a great guy who deserves how amazing you are, he’ll be quick to tell you just how much he loves you right back.
  2. Referring to yourselves as “we” You’ve been dating this guy for a while and do lots of things together, so it’s natural to start seeing yourselves as a unit. You might say, “We’re not those kinds of people” or, “We’re going to love that concert,” but it shouldn’t be a big deal. You’re a “we” now and he should be happy with that official term.
  3. Inviting him to a family function When you’re invited to your dad’s birthday party or cousin’s wedding and you drop your boyfriend an invite, you might worry you’re springing the “meet my family” deal on him too soon. Really, it shouldn’t be a problem, especially because it’s an event and you need a plus-one. He should be honoured to go with you.
  4. Tweeting about him. You’re so crazy about this guy, you took to Twitter to express what an amazing guy you’re dating… only to freak out after you posted it. EEK! You could quickly delete it and pray he isn’t online or you could just let it hang in cyberspace looking all pretty and confident. If he’s the right guy, he’ll be “liking” and retweeting that crap.
  5. Bringing your pajamas to his place There’s always the fear that you got your signals crossed when he invites you over to his house at night. You might worry that after sex, you’ll be expected to leave (shady AF), but you brought your PJs, so that’s a clear “I’m staying over” message. Too soon? Honestly, he’ll be the one to remind you to pack your toothbrush if he sees you as girlfriend material, not just a hookup.
  6. When he has to introduce you to a friend You’re out at a party when his old school buddy rocks up, eager to meet you. How your boyfriend handles your introduction is very telling about his commitment to you, which is why it can feel so awkward to have to stand there and wait for what he says. He calls you his girlfriend? Double thumbs-up!
  7. Revealing your flaws Everyone has something they’re insecure about, whether it’s how they get stressed during highway pileups or feel bad about their back acne—but revealing these to your boyfriend shouldn’t make you feel awkward. When your relationship’s filled with love and security, it’s really no big deal.
  8. Deciding how often you’ll speak You might have the “Where are we going?” chat which can feel stressful enough, but worse than that is deciding how much you’ll be in contact. Will you chat every day? Do you both like texting each other often? Sadly, these things don’t usually get discussed, so you have to set the pace and see what happens or wait for him to show you what he likes. Um, why stress so much? If you’re with the right guy, your communication will flow and you’ll be on the same page.
  9. Talking about your number It’s fine if you don’t want to talk about your number, but the subject’s bound to come up and it can feel weird AF. With the right guy, it doesn’t have to be. You both respect each other’s pasts and that you’ve left those experiences there. Plus, you’ve grown from the experiences. With the right guy, the number of sexual partners you’ve had is really just a number.
  10. Talking about protection It’s not easy to talk about how you’re going to protect yourself against STDs/HIV as well as keep pregnancy at bay. It can be weird to ask him if he remembered to bring the condoms when you’re busy undressing each other, but if you’re with a guy who really loves you and wants you to feel good about sex with him, he’ll be open and honest. He’ll also prioritize your safety as well as his.
  11. Pooping at his place The first time you use the bathroom at his home is the most awkward thing, but you can’t always time your bowel movements with that convenient stop at a Starbucks on the way to his place. It doesn’t mean you have to feel embarrassed. If your boyfriend’s the right guy, he won’t think anything of it and he’ll want you to be comfortable in his home. He’ll even ensure there’s extra-soft toilet paper in the bathroom just for you.
  12. Experiencing silent moments Sometimes in the middle of a conversation, you end up falling silent. It can feel weird, as though you’ve already run out of things to say. But honestly, a bit of quiet time is never a bad thing. Those seconds or minutes feel comfortable when you’re with the right guy. They’re a sign that you can just “be” without the pressure to talk all the time.
  13. Feeling embarrassed during sex You’re in the middle of changing sexual positions when you make a weird noise down there or you lose momentum. Awkward, but you should be with someone who’s easygoing in the sack and who can laugh during weird moments to relieve stress. It’s a sign of compatibility and prevents sex from being so serious all the time.
  14. Changing your Facebook relationship status You’ve been dating for weeks and want to make things official on social media, but it feels really nerve-wracking. If you’re with the wrong guy, you won’t feel you can talk about your need to share your relationship status on the internet. The right guy, on the other hand, will want the same thing you do—he’ll agree to be official with no hesitation, turning an awkward experience into an amazing one.
  15. Double-texting him The first time you can’t stop yourself from double-texting, you might panic that he’s going to think you’re some sort of clingy, psycho woman. But that’s only if he’s a jerk. So you texted him twice in a row instead of waiting for his reply. So what? It’s not like you keyed his car! Honestly, the right guy won’t care.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.