Things You Don’t Tell Your Best Friend Often Enough

Things You Don’t Tell Your Best Friend Often Enough ©iStock/filadendron

Besides the man in your life, your best friend is your ultimate life partner. She’s there for you in every way and has your back through thick and thin, no matter what happens. She’s seen you at your worst and has helped you be your best. However, we sometimes get so wrapped up in life drama that we forget to cherish our BFF and express our appreciation for her in the way she deserves. There’s really no one like her, so remind her of some of these things more often — she deserves it.

  1. She’s beautiful on the inside. You’re always complimenting your best friend on silly stuff, like how amazing she looks in her latest Facebook profile picture. But she’s also got a heart of gold and it’s what’s on the inside — the wonderful qualities that she’s shared freely with you over the course of your friendship — that makes her the leading lady in your life. Let her know that you see those things and you love them.
  2. She makes your life better. She’s the person who adds to your life in such a way that you couldn’t imagine yours without her in it. She’s the laughter in the dark moments, and the ultimate support when you need it most. She’s the one you reach out to when you want to share something funny and the person you think of immediately when someone mentions the word “friend.” She’s someone you chose, and she chose you right back. She deserves a reminder.
  3. You appreciate the little things about her. Sometimes we get so lost in excitement of the memories we’re making that we forget to mention why we love and appreciate our friends for those specific things that put a big fat smile on your face. Maybe it’s the way she makes that stupid funny face that kills you with laughter, or how she always covers the little details, like having a chilled bottle of wine and snacks when she pops by for a visit that melts your heart. Voice that.
  4. You accept her despite any flaws she might have. You’re not perfect and neither is she. Despite the fact she might have a hot temper, or a stone cold way of handling conflict, it doesn’t matter. You support her and accept these things about her because you know her inside out, which is why she’s in your life in a big way. Remind her that even though she might make mistakes sometimes or not feel 100% on point, you love her unconditionally anyway.
  5. You’re committed to the friendship. No matter how many times you might fight, unless there’s a very serious reason, you’ll never give up on the friendship you’ve spent so much time building. You might disagree at times or even get into heated arguments, but she means the world to you and you’ll always work on making things better, because she’s the one person you can’t live without.
  6. You’re incredibly grateful for all she does. For everything she’s ever done, from lending you a dress that took you forever to return to listening to you rant on and on about your mini-dramas and everything in between, you’re thankful. She’s the one person you can always depend on, and that deserves to be recognized.
  7. You love her. Because you can never tell her you love her too many times.