Generally speaking, you’ll know a good guy when you see one. However, if you want to know be sure you’re avoiding the a-holes and only going for dudes who are worth your while, know that a good guy would never do these things.

Cheat on you 

Cheating is a choice, not a mistake. A good guy doesn’t put himself in a situation where he’s being disloyal to his girl, period. If a girl sends him a DM on social media, he tells her he’s not interested (or just ignores and blocks). When a girl flirts with him at the club when he’s with his buddies, he tells her he’s with someone. He doesn’t do shady things when no one’s around because he’s happy with you.

Put his needs before your own 

A good guy takes care of you first. He goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable. When you’re sick on a Sunday night, he brings you what you need and stays over even though he has a big day on Monday. You feel emotionally safe in your relationship since your needs and his matter equally. Plus, a good guy is never selfish in the bedroom!

Hide his true self from you 

A good guy won’t pretend to be a good person to win you over only to let his true colors show once he has you. A good guy will tell you about his past and his future plans. He’ll introduce you to his family and friends. He’ll open up to you because he wants you to see him for who he is. He’ll keep you by his side during his hard times and you’ll see him weak and in need. He does all that because he wants you to stay for who he is, not for a picture perfect image of him.

Hurt you in any way 

At least not on purpose. If he ever upsets you, he apologizes, hears you out, and makes it up to you. He admits when he’s wrong and he corrects his mistakes. He won’t make you cry over a text or during a heated fight, he’ll make you cry over how sweet and caring he is. A good guy makes you feel confident about your connection. He doesn’t go out of his way to make you jealous or feel like you aren’t good enough for him.

Break his promises 

When a good guy gives you his word, he sticks to it. You’ll notice this in the little things first. When he tells you he’ll call at 8 p.m., he does. He doesn’t change his plans with you last minute. A good guy’s promises are his way of showing his commitment to you. If he has a change of heart about something you agreed on, he lets you know immediately. He never leads you on. He doesn’t tell you what you wanna hear to avoid talking about things or making decisions.

Take advantage of your feelings 

A good guy won’t use the way you feel for him to get what he wants. He won’t pressure you to have sex with him when you’re not ready or just not in the mood. He won’t ask you to do things for him that you don’t agree with or don’t feel comfortable doing. He protects you from your own feelings. When he notices that you’re letting him get away with stuff, he calls you out on it.

Disrespect his mother 

If he doesn’t respect the most important female figure in his life, then how is he going to respect any woman who walks into it? A good guy has a healthy and loving relationship with his mother. She’s his role model, idol, and best friend. A good guy makes his mother a priority in his life. The way he treats his mother is a reflection of how he will treat you.

Talk crap about his exes 

A good guy respects his past relationships despite how they ended. When he talks about his past relationships, he doesn’t get emotional. A good guy doesn’t blame his exes for his shortcomings, he takes ownership. He might still be friends with his exes but he maintains boundaries. A good guy doesn’t make you feel insecure about his life before you because his future has you in it.

Keep you a secret 

A good guy doesn’t hide you from the world, he shows you off. He introduces you to his coworkers, friends, and family. He makes you a part of his everyday life. He shows you what he’s passionate about, what makes him feel alive, and what gives his life meaning. With a good guy, you never question his intentions for you because they’re genuine right from the start.

Be friends with bad guys 

A good guy won’t be friends with guys who don’t resemble his goodness. He’s friends with guys who are just like him. He spends his time with guys who share his interests and value system. If a good guy ever finds a friend of his not being loyal, respectful, or committed, he removes him from his life. He doesn’t find amusement in hanging out with bad guys.

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