11 Things A Guy Does To Prove He’s Worthy Of Your Love

Some women may decide that they’re OK with settling for less than they deserve, but you shouldn’t be one of them. You may feel like your standards are too high but the truth is that he needs to give just as much as he gets if he wants to keep you. Here are some of the ways he can prove he’s worthy of your love.

  1. He understands your need for independence. A man who is worthy of being with you knows and appreciates that he won’t become your entire world. He’ll be an essential part of it, and that’s OK, but you need to have your own life too. If he encourages you to have your own friends, make plans that don’t include him, and do things that make you happy outside of the relationship, he deserves you.
  2. There’s nothing you can do to scare him away. He’s seen you at your worst and is still standing by his commitment to you. Boys come and go but men know that even when the rose-colored glasses come off, love endures. The ones who don’t mind you comfortable in sweats on the couch, coughing your brains out when you’re sick or listening to you vent when you had a crap day are the ones you need.
  3. He loves every single scar and flaw. We all have pasts that make us who we are. If he’s unwilling to accept where you’ve been, he should have no part in where you’re going. A guy who appreciates the things you went through that brought you together is the kind who is worthy of your love.
  4. He reminds you daily what you mean to him. Empty words are never the answer, but when he means them, you’ll know. You should never have to wonder how he feels¬†or question what you brought into his life. The best relationships are ones in which neither person is afraid to be vulnerable.
  5. No one supports you the way he does. Most of us have many people in our corner, but the guy who deserves your love is your biggest cheerleader. He encourages you to reach for even your highest dreams and will never let you give up. Even when you fall, he’s on your side helping you back up, and that means more than anything.
  6. He keeps even your darkest secrets safe and protected. Someone who will betray your trust is not the person you want to share your life and your heart with. The right kind of guy will guard what you share with his life, and he definitely won’t judge you for anything you share. If he’s proven that you can trust him, you can let your walls down.
  7. Every touch communicates more than words ever could. As nice as it is to hear him share his feelings with words, his hugs, kisses and just holding you tight say infinitely more. Humans are physical creatures, and nothing solidifies your bond like the feeling of being in his arms.
  8. He enables you to be the best version of yourself. We all have that person that makes us want to be a better partner, friend, and overall person. The guy who inspires you to reach that potential is the one you can give your heart to. You’ll build each other up and help each other live the lives you always wanted for yourselves.
  9. When your relationship is tested, you come through together. We’re human, and humans aren’t perfect. Even the strongest relationships are not devoid of conflict. The test is what will happen when those disagreements strike and how will you come through them. The man who will own up to his mistakes and put all his effort into working with you is the one you want at the finish line.
  10. He embraces your family and friends. He isn’t going to get along perfectly with everyone but when your guy molds seamlessly into your circles, it’s a huge plus. When he’s interested in getting to know the important people in your life, you’ll grow that much closer. Plus, with the support of your inner support network, the two of you are destined for great things together.
  11. You have no doubt in your mind that he’s in it for the long haul. You know you want him in your life, but knowing he feels the same way is necessary to fully let yourself be invested in him and in the relationship. You’ve given so much of yourself to dating and when it’s obvious that he too is ready to jump in, there’s no better feeling. If he’s shown that you’re all he wants, he is certainly worthy of your love.
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