22 Things Guys Do That Women Should Be Able To Get Away With Too

We’ve come a long way as a society when it comes to gender equality, but we still have far to go. There are still lots of things that are acceptable for men to do but not women. Here are some examples of those double standards – why can’t we do these things without backlash too?

Lacking strong emotion When a man lacks emotion it’s normal and he’s considered stoic, but when a woman doesn’t show intense emotion, good or bad, she’s cold. How is this a thing?

Not being the main caregiver for their children When men work all the time and barely see their children while the mother is at home, it’s perfectly acceptable and normal. But if a mother does it, she’s neglecting her kids.

Not having any children If a man doesn’t have children, it’s no big deal. If a woman decides not to, people think she’s weird and she gets questioned non-stop about why she made that choice.

Working in a trade Women are just as capable as men of working blue-collar jobs, but they’re often judged for it by coworkers, friends, and strangers. And she’s also considered “manly.”

Walking alone at night Women can’t walk alone at night without worry of being attacked, whereas men don’t have to be nearly as cautious, even if they’re less physically capable.

Eating a lot If a guy eats a whole pizza, it’s no big deal because he’s a “growing boy,” but if a woman eats a lot, she’s judged for it. There is an expectation that women need to be dainty and also stay thin.

Being overweight If you’re an overweight guy, you’re a big teddy bear, but if you’re an overweight woman, you’re looked down on in our society. People make comments about a large woman’s health when they wouldn’t say the same to a large man.

Having body hair Women can’t have a single extra body hair anywhere on their body or people think they’re gross, whereas men can be covered in hair from head to toe and they’re seen as manly because of it. So not fair.

Being bald A bald guy is looked at as badass, but a bald woman is unattractive. Why can’t women be beautiful with shaved heads too?

Being tall If a man is tall, he’s good looking. When a woman is tall she’s considered freakish. And if she dates someone shorter, she’s often laughed at.

Aging Men “age gracefully,” and women just get ugly. Women are expected to maintain their youthful appearance forever. The pressure to be perfect can be overwhelming. Aging women should be seen as attractive too.

Peeing anywhere they want Guys can relieve themselves anywhere they need to, but a woman can’t or it’s disgusting. Sometimes we really need to go too and it’d be nice to be able to pop a squat anywhere.

Talking about pooping Men don’t want to hear that women poop because it’s apparently gross and unnatural. But men can talk about doing it all day long and it’s hilarious. They can talk about anything raunchy, but it’s vulgar if a woman does it.

Burping and farting Guys can do it all they want and it’s funny, but if a girl does it then it’s horrific. We’re expected to be “ladylike,” even though these are normal bodily functions.

Being messy If a guy doesn’t clean up after himself, he’s a typical guy. If a woman leaves one article of clothing on her floor, she’s a slob.

Being serious People think serious women are stuck up but that serious men are mature and professional.

Not smiling all the time If a man doesn’t smile all the time, he’s normal. If a woman isn’t constantly smiling, she’s mean.

Liking video games Women are weird if they like playing video games, and are judged as nerdy or immature if they still play when they’re past a certain age. However, a man who does it is totally normal.

Being smart Even if a woman repeatedly demonstrates that she’s just as smart, if not smarter than the men at her particular job, people will often refer to the man for the final say. Super annoying.

Interrupting a conversation It’s not uncommon for men to interrupt women unapologetically, especially in professional settings, and no one even notices. But if a woman does it, she’s rude.

Dating younger If a guy dates a younger girl, no one thinks twice, but if a girl dates a younger guy, people are grossed out. Although it is becoming more acceptable than it once was, which is a positive.

Dating or sleeping with multiple people If a guy is dating more than one girl, he’s a stud. When a girl does the same thing, she’s a whore. And if you’re the opposite and are always saying no to guys, then you’re a prude, whereas a guy would be respected for having standards.

Some of these can be pretty frustrating because men and women should be treated the same. And it’s not just when it comes to women- there are also plenty of things women get away with that men can’t, like getting out of speeding tickets for example (although that’s never worked for me). Life isn’t always fair, but I hope we keep moving in the direction of gender equality.

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