Things Guys Do That Are Way Hotter Than Making Love

Things Guys Do That Are Way Hotter Than Making Love ©iStock/johnkellerman

Okay, getting down is obviously great, but there are lots of other things guys do without even realizing just how hot they can be. Prepare to feel all tingly inside.

  1. When they pull you towards them during sleep. You’re sleeping with your BF when he moves his arm across the bed to pull you closer. He likes you so much that even when he’s half-comatose, he still wants you in his arms.
  2. When they ask you to sleep over… and you actually sleep. Your immediate reaction when the guy you’re dating invites you to spend the night is to think that he obviously wants it. But when you don’t only sleep together but actually fall asleep together, that’s a whole new kind of intimacy.
  3. When they give you “Do me later” eyes at a party. You’re at a fancy dinner or work function and you happen to stop talking to someone and look over at the gorgeous guy you’re dating. He’s staring at you with hot eyes that give you the message he’d like to undress you and have his way with you. Shiver.
  4. When they like doing lots of things beforehand. Let’s be real: sometimes playing beforehand is even hotter than getting down. But it’s more than just hitting all your pleasure spots. When a guy takes his time to explore your body and looks really into it, it makes you feel like a hot goddess. He’s so focused on your body and pleasure that he’s not just trying to move things along to it. So damn hot.
  5. When they randomly text you to tell you how hot you are. Knowing that you turn your BF on is a high in itself, but when he tells you this outside of the bedroom, and it isn’t just being said because he’s hoping to get off, that can make you swoon – and want to rip off his clothes.
  6. When they drape their jacket over your shoulder. Asking if you’d like to wear their jacket is sweet and chivalrous of guys, but when a guy drapes his jacket over your shoulder without asking first, it’s even hotter. He can see what you need and isn’t afraid to fulfil it.
  7. When they kiss you mid-convo. An unexpected, passionate kiss that makes your legs feel weak? Bring on more of that! Knowing that he’s consumed by passion and has to kiss you right this second is really hot.
  8. When they switch their phones off. There’s nothing less fun than a guy who ignores you during your time together, making you feel like he’d rather be texting someone else than stimulating your mind with great conversation. It’s all too common for this to happen, so when a guy switches off his phone (or at least puts it on silent mode), he’s saying he only has eyes and ears for you.
  9. When they play with your hair. You’re watching a movie with your BF when he starts gently stroking your hair. Having your hair touched and played with is so soothing and can make you want to purr like a kitten because you feel loved all over, right down to your blow-dried locks that took you two hours to style.
  10. When they introduce you with pride to an ex-girlfriend. When the guy you’re dating introduces you as his girlfriend to strangers or work colleagues, it feels good. But when he introduces you to his ex and does so with pride that you’re on his arm, it’s so hot. He loved her at one point in the past but he’s so over his romantic history and confident to show the world that he’s all yours. Grrr.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.