The First 10 Things Guys Notice About You, According to A Guy

Men are visual creatures. We like to look at stuff, and that definitely includes attractive women. If you want to capture our attention, here are the things you should focus on since they’re what we notice first.

  1. Your eyes If we freak out while trying to make eye contact with you, this means we really like you. Truth be told, eyes are far more attention-grabbing than the rest of your body for a multitude of reasons. It’s polite to look someone in the eyes during conversation, it’s OK for men to compliment you on this feature without getting slapped, and finally, it’s easy to tell someone what you’re thinking just by using your eyes alone. Sleepy, flirtatious eyes are a signal that you’re interested. A wink means that you’re super keen. Looking away in disgust is you telling us to leave. The eyes really are the window to the soul.
  2. Your style You know what the difference between your clothes and your physical attributes? It’s that your fashion choices are a wearable representation of your personality, intended to inform the world who you are without opening your mouth. It says more about you as a person than your face ever could. That’s why, when it comes to your clothes and accessories, we love when you go all-out in showing us exactly who you are.
  3. Your body type Men are often dissed for our so-called shallow obsession with appearances, but the physical attraction factor is as old as mating itself and we’re only human. It’s inevitable that we’re attracted to specific physical characteristics, but luckily, we all have such varied tastes that there’s a shape for everyone. It’s also worth noting that about 10 minutes of inspiring conversation can just about override anything else and most of us don’t expect (or want) perfection anyway.
  4. Your boobs As an extension of the body type conversation, we just can’t help but love boobs, though most of us aren’t as obsessed with them as you’d think. Certainly, if your cleavage is staring at us, we may glance down at it to say hello, but this isn’t really a priority for most guys. Also, some men are more into butts or legs or any number of other body parts. Summer is a good season for all of us.
  5. Your hair The hair itself represents that inspiring central point where a biological trait connects with an adaptable style. It’s here that you can flaunt your personality via the varied means of length, shapes, and colors. Trust me, a good haircut is totally worth the money, and we’ll happily reimburse the cost by paying for your drinks all night.
  6. Your mouth What an amazing part of a person! Your mouth not only feeds you to keep you alive, it’s also necessary for communication. Oh yeah, and it comes in handy when we really want to kiss you. Furthermore, there’s the smile. Smiles are important because a genuine smile means that we’re winning and encourages us to keep going, for better or worse. Smiles are also contagious so when you smile, we smile, and then the whole world smiles at our adorable interaction.
  7. Your conversational skills Thanks to the art of conversation, it doesn’t take very long to gauge someone’s social skills and figure out whether interacting with them would be worth our time. The chosen topic of discussion is always an important indicator of your interests and intelligence, but even more crucial than this is our shared sense of humor. If we’re both laughing, that sets the stage for some pretty amazing interactions to come. If you don’t laugh at our jokes, no matter how corny they are, don’t be surprised if we walk away with bruised egos.
  8. Your voice We love most women’s voices, but some really get us going more than others. If you have a particular sexy voice (perhaps one that’s deep and raspy or unintentionally whispery and seductive), we’ll melt. However, those with naturally loud and obnoxious voices aren’t doing themselves any favors and should perhaps consider reigning it in a bit. Just like women, we also find accents pretty sexy too, so if you have one, that’s a bonus.
  9. Obvious physical fakery You may think you’re able you bury your least favorite features beneath three layers of foundation and eyeliner, sculpting your face like clay and spraying your troubles away with fake tan, but if you look like a mannequin with a forced smile, nobody wins. Don’t be fooled by magazines—be your beautiful, natural self! We want to wake up next to the same person we went to bed with, please.
  10. Your squad Birds of a feather flock together. You may seem nice, but we just saw your bestie attack the doorman with her shoe, and we simply can’t have that type of drama in our lives right now. It’s not you, it’s them. We’re sorry.
As a child, Jared could always be found in the corner of his room nearly crushed to death by piles of paper, as he scribbled down words faster than his thoughts could produce them. As time has gone on, these very same words have found a home on the blog Juice Nothing, where Jared's mental demons have been read around the world, over a million times and counting. His first self-published book, This Is Your Brain On Drugs, was released in 2016, and he now spends most of his time writing scripts for animators, composing terrible music, or painting cartoon characters that nobody will ever buy.