Things Guys Only Do When They’re Crazy About You

Things Guys Only Do When They’re Crazy About You ©iStock/Geber86

In a new relationship and trying to figure out how he feels? While the “L” word and commitment are always tough topics you dance around when a relationship is still budding, there are plenty of things that’ll prove to you that he’s absolutely crazy about you. It might be tough to tell at first since you, yourself, are still trying to get your head around what this new guy is all about. If he does any of the following, this guy is definitely in the relationship for the long run:

  1. He never avoids your texts. Even if you send him a random text at 10:30 PM on a Tuesday, he responds — he might be half asleep, but he’s kinda-sorta been waiting for you to text him all day so the lack of sleep is totally worth it for him. In fact, sometimes it seems like you have marathon text conversations that happen for hours at a time, so there’s really no “deadline” to chat him up.
  2. His eye contact lingers longer than normal. Even if you’re hanging out in your pajamas, he just can’t take his eyes off of you. Sometimes if you catch him staring, he’ll do the “look away and smile” move, probably to avoid looking like a creeper. He’s thinking a lot of things while he’s giving you that look — like, “I can’t believe this amazing girl is actually talking to me.”
  3. He’s only interested in dating you exclusively. After your first date or two, he made it clear that he isn’t interested in dating anyone else. He’s not a multi-dater and likes spending his time with just one girl. This statement might not even be true — it’s possible that he never realized he wanted to focus on just one person until he met you. You don’t even have to worry about checking to see if he’s accessed his profile since you first met — it’s either collecting dust or completely deleted.
  4. He’s suddenly interested in something you’re interested in. During your third date, you mentioned that you’re pretty into lacrosse. By your fourth date, he’s totally knowledgeable about the sport and seems a little too eager to share his new-found wisdom with you. He’s also super interested in watching you play a match or two. He wouldn’t have wasted his time Googling this stuff if he wasn’t crazy about you.
  5. He quiets down if you’re around his friends. If you’ve met his friends, you’ve noticed that he’s a little quiet and shy during group hangouts. This is because he wants to make sure he doesn’t switch into total “friend mode” personality. (And yes, everyone acts slightly differently around different groups of people — that’s not a red flag, unless this persona is 100% different than the guy you know.) He also wants to make sure his friends don’t say something that might be embarrassing. He’s probably quietly thinking up witty retorts in case the conversation heads that way.
  6. He adds you on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat immediately. This guy has nothing to hide or nothing to “clean up” on his profiles before adding you as a friend. Plus, he wants the ability to stalk you a little bit — he wants to see if you have mutual friends, he wants to check out what important moments you’ve shared on Instagram and he wants the ability to chat you up online in a variety of ways.
  7. He asks you when your birthday is. Birthdays have been made easy by Facebook, but if he asks you directly, he wants to make sure there’s no chance he’ll miss it. He wants to do more than a standard, boring “Happy b-day” wall post — he wants to make it special.
  8. You already have a “nickname.” He gave you a pet name quickly, and it’s not something stereotypical like “babe” or “hun.” His name derives from a cute little in-joke you’ve had during the first few dates, which makes you know it’s special.
  9. Every time you hang out, he’s wearing cologne and dressed his best. Even if you’re going to hang out and watch Netflix (minus the “chill”) he always dresses to impress and makes sure he leaves a lingering scent on your pillows that’ll remind you of him even after he leaves. It seems like with every date, he’s putting in the effort of your very first. He’ll relax with time, but he’ll never let you see his slob-side.
Karen Belz is a New Jersey native who is currently living in Maryland. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication with a focus in Broadcasting and Print Media Studies from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Since graduating, she has written for sites like LittleThings, HelloGiggles, and Scary Mommy and is currently an e-commerce editor at Bustle.

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