Amazing Things That Happen When You Stop Obsessing About Finding Love

Trying to find “The One” is exhausting. One minute you feel on top of the world, and the next you feel totally pissed off and disenchanted with men as a whole. At a certain point, you might even decide to give up on looking for love — at least temporarily — and that’s when the real magic happens.

  1. You find yourself instead. Being single is a great opportunity to discover new parts of yourself, and to improve any areas you’re still not totally happy with. Let’s face it — we’re all more attracted to someone who has their act together and is confident in who they are, so if that isn’t you yet, take this opportunity to get there.
  2. Love actually comes knocking. Isn’t it always the rule of life that as soon as you stop looking for it, the thing you’re seeking will find you? This is definitely true of love as well, and it seems like the harder you try, the more it avoids you. If you focus your energy into other things while keeping an open mind, prince charming will probably be knocking on your door in no time.
  3. What you really want becomes more obvious. When you’re rushing to find the perfect relationship, you tend to forget what it is you’re really looking for. It seems like people start to settle for less than what they deserve, or burn through a series of quick relationships. Once you take a step back and stop seeking out love, you’ll be able to focus on narrowing down what you want when you do stumble upon a guy of interest.
  4. You find better quality guys. Constantly searching for a relationship probably means you’re dating a bunch of people, and some of them are most likely less than stellar. Settling for any old guy just so you have the illusion of being in love isn’t going to serve any purpose for you in the long run. When you slow down and stop seeking out guys, the ones that come along in good time will be worth the wait.
  5. Your stress levels drop – big time. When you can learn to sit back and relax knowing that everything happens when it’s meant to, you’re going to reduce your number of greys. Putting a ton of energy into seeking out a meaningful relationship also contributes to you feeling super frustrated and stressed out when things aren’t going the way you want them to.
  6. You come across as less desperate. Even though you might not feel desperate, it can sadly come off that way. When you spend too much time focused on the end goal of making a relationship happen, it can come across as almost needy and willing to settle. Being too available can often scare a guy off, but as soon as you get busy and stop looking, they’ll start taking notice.
  7. You learn the difference between real and cheap compliments. When you’re trying really hard to make something happen, you might read too much into a simple conversation and make it more than it is. Being content with taking your time and not racing to the finish line will help you see things for what they are. Knowing the difference between a guy who’s into you and one who isn’t will save you heartbreak when you do fall head over heels.
  8. You become more content with single life. You start to realize that while being in a relationship is great and has it’s benefits, being single is awesome, too. After all, more likely than not a relationship will happen for you at some point, so you might as well relish in your single status while it lasts.