13 Things Hot Guys Don’t Want You To Know About Them

What’s not to like about hot guys? Plenty. While dating a dude who’s sexy enough to be a male model can make you feel good and boost your relationship chemistry, it can also lead to some huge problems. Here are 13 warnings that should come with (some) ridiculously hot guys that they probably wouldn’t want you to know.

They’re not gods. It’s easy to buy into the idea that super hot guys are somehow superhuman, but that’s ridiculous and they know it. They just don’t want you to know it because they love being worshipped for their hotness.

They’re often extremely insecure deep down. It’s weird but true—many of the hottest guys out there need constant reassurance and validation. It seems that the hotter they are, the more emotionally damaged or plagued by low self-esteem they tend to be. Dating hot guys can be exhausting and more trouble than it’s worth.

They’re more inclined to cheat. Obviously not all hot men are going to stray, but science backs up the idea that many of them will. And why wouldn’t they? They’re always bombarded with loads of attention and plenty of options. Research has found that masculine men have higher levels of testosterone, and this hormone means that they’re 43% more likely to get divorced and 38% more likely to cheat when compared to men with normal testosterone levels.

They ride on their good looks. Hotness will get these guys first dates and lots of attention, but have you ever noticed that lots of them are total a-holes? It’s like they’re just coasting by on their piercing blue eyes or sharp cheekbones. Ugh, it’s just not enough to keep you interested!

Their insecurities might rub off on you. It’s not just hot guys who tend to be insecure. Date them for a long time and you might find yourself becoming less confident as well. It’s totally normal. Imagine the fears that come up in a relationship with a very attractive guy, such as “Is he going to cheat?” or “Does he like those women who are hitting on him?” What a waste of time.

They have messed up relationships. A study from Harvard University Santa Clara and the University of La Verne found that hot people are more likely to have unstable relationships. The researchers looked at the 20 top actresses on IMDb and discovered that they tend to have unstable marriages. Then they asked women to rate the attractiveness of 238 men by looking at their yearbook photos from 30 years ago. Interestingly, the men who were rated as hotter than the others had since experienced higher divorce rates than the other, less attractive men.

They’re not always going to win. Although we tend to think ridiculously gorgeous people will have lots of success and love, a study by the University College London’s School Of Management found that these men are actually more likely to be sidestepped for competitive jobs, such as sales positions that depend on one’s talent. This tends to be because they intimidate their colleagues.

They won’t make you happy. Sure, you might find a gorgeous guy who’s got a great personality to boot. Good for you. But if you’re dating someone who looks like a model, you might discover that he doesn’t really satisfy you. Science backs it up. A study published in Body Journal surveyed 113 newlyweds who were in their late 20s. They’d all been married for less than four months. The researchers found that if the men in the relationships weren’t super attractive, they were more likely to do things to please their partners, such as dressing well or keeping them sexually satisfied.

There’ll be a third person in your relationship. No, it’s not the hot redhead he was checking out at the bar earlier. If you date a really gorgeous man, make some space for his huge ego. Some attractive guys really know that they’re gorgeous and what they don’t realize is that this arrogance makes them ugly.

They don’t stick around as long. It’s not just dysfunctional relationships that plague attractive people, but they’re also likely to be involved in shorter ones. According to an article in Psychology Today, relationships featuring very attractive people are more likely not to make it in the long run, which could be because hot people are more likely to be unfaithful.

Compliments they receive are worthless. Women might not be able to stop themselves from telling hot men that they’re so gorgeous, but these compliments tend to fall flat. I mean, hot guys have heard all that stuff about their sexy bodies and amazing eyes a gazillion times before, so they might smile but inwardly cringe. Being hot is just so hard.

They expect you to jump through hoops. Since so many women fall over the hot guys, they might expect every woman to follow suit. They’ve basically become accustomed to people bending over backward and jumping through hoops for them, which brings us to the final point…

They can be lazy. Why should super hot guys, otherwise known as major catches, have to lift a finger? If everyone’s going to chase them and work hard to make them happy, they can become lazy boyfriends. Ha, they have another thing coming.

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