Things Independent Women Will Do For A Guy Who’s Truly Worth It

Things Independent Women Will Do For A Guy Who’s Truly Worth It ©iStock/Svetikd

When you’re a woman who’s been handling her own for a long time, you become very independent and set in your ways. When a new guy comes into the mix, panic can start to set in about shifting your life around to make room to have him in it. Even though the sudden change up can throw you off balance temporarily, when he’s really worth it, he’s worth the sacrifice.

  1. You make a genuine effort to free up time for him. You’ve been on your own for a while and as a result, you’ve got a full life complete with family and friends, a killer career and plenty of hobbies — all of which take up pretty much all of your time. When the right guy finally steps up to the plate, it takes real and genuine effort to free up time for him that’s otherwise always been spoken for, but you’ll do it because you’re really interested in taking things further.
  2. You actually let him help you with things you’re used to doing yourself. You’re your own personal Miss Fix-It, sous chef, interior decorator, heavy object transporter, etc. You’ve always made it work by yourself. When a good guy finally comes into the mix, it’s hard to relinquish our independence in favor of allowing him to help simply because he wants to, but you welcome the change because it shows he genuinely cares about you and making your life easier.
  3. You retire the “at home clothes” — at least temporarily. They’re those tired old stained and torn sweatpants and t-shirts you wear when there’s no possibility anyone will see you other than your BFFs. You suddenly feel sexier with a new guy in your life, so you toss the tattered t-shirts deep into the back of the closet and make room for more socially acceptable lounge wear. That’s not to say you’re not comfortable, just that you like how sexy he makes you feel too.
  4. You’re open to new interests. No matter how set in your ways you are, when he’s the right guy, you take interest in what he’s into and you want to see him in action. Relationships are about compromise and even though you’ve been a party of one for a long time, you happily transition to living for two people when he makes you feel truly amazing.
  5. You stay up late just to spend more quality time. Those 9:30 p.m. bedtimes are worth sacrificing when it means you get to snuggle up to a great guy and talk about everything under the sun. And even if you can’t make it a nightly habit, you gladly stay up some nights and avoid your rigid schedules just to get more face time in with the great guy in your life.
  6. You integrate him into your comfort spaces. The truth is, it’s actually scary as hell to integrate a new guy into your life when you’ve been bossing it without any help. It’s a slow process, but eventually you let him into those small comfort spaces and minor details, like grocery shopping, or sitting in silence beside each other as he watches his favorite documentary while you read a book. Being together feels good no matter what you’re doing or not doing.
  7. You actually shave your legs. As much as you may have enjoyed the extra layer of warmth, nothing makes you feel sexier than being as smooth as a dolphin for a guy who actually deserves it.
  8. You merge into his world. Meeting his friends and becoming as much a part of his routine as he is of yours is another adjustment that’s simultaneously hard and super easy to make. Making room for a guy when you’re fiercely independent comes naturally when he makes you feel even better about yourself than you already did. Spending time with him might require for you to step out of your comfort zone, but you step into a new zone of comfort that’s even better.
  9. You let him into our heart. When a guy walks into your life and shows you that he’s not only genuine and kind, but that he wants to add to the life you’ve already built for yourself and welcome you into his in return, it becomes a scary adventure — but one that’s completely worth it.