Men Reveal 19 Hilarious Things They Never Knew About Women Until Getting With One

Men and women aren’t really from two different planets, but sometimes it feels like we might as well be! There are some things the sexes just don’t understand about one another, at least not until we get in relationships together. Hilarious, men on Reddit opened up this week about the things they never knew about women and were shocked to learn once they finally coupled up with one. Below are some of the best responses.

  1. We’re freezing cold but radiate a lot of heat. As u/like5or6 admitted, he was unprepared for the fact that women can be cold while simultaneously acting as a furnace. “That when cuddling they would radiate so much heat that I begin to sweat while they are so cold they have 3 blankets on,” he wrote. U/Timato0 agreed, adding: “It was surprising the first time I experienced this! Now that we live together, I have to keep my legs out from under the blanket, and let them be full blasted by a fan.”
  2. Our hair is… pretty much everywhere. U/mackinoncougars got quite a shock when he realized just how much hair women shed. “Long hair wraps around the vacuum roller brush. Have to cut the hair out of it seasonally,” he wrote. However, u/LonelyGamer1337 took it even further, saying how bad the problem really is. “The second you have a woman with long hair in your house its f**king over. They could be there only two days it don’t matter. Hair on the couch, hair on the ceiling fan, hair in my mouth when I wake up in the morning, hair in the shower, hair in my blankets…HAIR EVERYWHERE.” We’re… sorry?
  3. We appreciate the little things. While many guys think we have unreasonably high standards, u/20sidedhumorist” realized that’s not really true. “That it really /is/ the thought that counts. At least, with the right woman. A random candy bar when she was having a bad day often meant way more than a very nice meal/evening out,” he wrote.
  4. Our vaginas are lethal. Many women don’t even understand how our vaginas truly work, so it’s no surprise that men have even less of a clue. U/odakat was shocked to realize that “vaginas are so acidic, to the point it f**ks up their underwear.” He added that it’s “completely normal” but that he was still completely taken aback.
  5. Our hormones are kinda nuts. U/Awdayshus had no idea how much hormones, particularly those during PMS, can affect our day-to-day moods. “When my wife realizes that she is about to get her period, her mood instantly improves. But no matter my suspicions, she needs to figure this out for herself,” he wrote.
  6. Our bras require special care. Listen to u/relaxyourshoulders, fellow gentlemen. “Bras don’t go in the dryer,” he writes. However, u/A_dub87_ helpfully adds: “And they SHOULD go in a little mesh bag before going into the washer. That way things can’t wrap around it and stretch it out.”
  7. Those are our hoodies now. Yes, it’s a bit cliche that women like to steal our boyfriend’s clothes, but it’s kinda true. That’s why u/pavonearse got a surprise when his hoodies started being taken from him. “I thought the hoodies were mine,” he lamented. Aww, poor thing!
  8. Breastfeeding is an intense experience. U/Lovingit9696 literally thought that breast milk came out of a single duct in the nipple. Not so! “The first time my wife showed us with our first child and little streams went all different directions… it was so weird and surprising,” he wrote. The more you know!
  9. Pads go on the underwear, not the body. Hilariously, u/cjwojoe really thought that women stuck period pads on our vaginas rather than onto our underwear to catch the blood. “I thought maxi pads stuck to the skin I didn’t realize they stick to your underwear. I thought you slapped it on like a p***y sticker,” he admitted. Another commenter added that they’d met many men who believed the same thing. Say what?!
  10. Anatomy is complicated. U/Jackarius88 had no idea where the vagina actually was until he saw one in real life. That’s why he was surprised to learn that “vaginas aren’t on the front but underneath.”
  11. We do kinda use a lot of bobby pins. If we have wispy hair or just want to keep things in place, bobby pins are the way to go. However, we do tend to leave them everywhere. “I’m not sure where, but somewhere on their bodies they must grow bobby pins or they have a secret bobby pin farm. They multiply and end up everywhere,” u/kunzaz wrote.
  12. Sometimes we just want men to listen. Many guys think women are desperate for someone to come along and solve all our problems, but that’s not the case at all, as u/conejon eventually realized. “That when they complain it doesn’t always mean they want you to fix it, or that they’ve come to a negative conclusion. It’s just thinking out loud, in a way that most guys don’t.”
  13. We really like eating. Sometimes we get hangry. Why that comes as a surprise, we have no idea. However, it did to u/gabrasquental, who had no idea “that giving them food makes their mood extremely better. I sincerely always thought it was a meme.” Haha!
  14. Our clothes are kinda different. Not only do many of our clothes lack pockets, which really pisses us off, but u/BubbhaJebus didn’t know “that the buttons on their shirts are on the other side.” He said that it “blew [his] mind.” Ours too!
  15. Those rolling farts are kinda weird. Because all of our downstairs parts are pretty compact, that can create some weird sensations. U/dolphinbomb was surprised to know that our “farts can sometimes roll up the front and it’s apparently an incredibly weird and uncomfortable sensation.” That it is!
  16. Boob sweat. That’s it. That’s literally the thing that shocked u/SpaghettiMonkeyTree. U/emmetfitz described it as “humidititty,” which is both hilarious and very true. The struggle is real!
  17. “Hot” water is merely lukewarm to us. It’s true that many women like our baths/showers pretty steamy, but a lot of men don’t know that. U/forget_i_was_here certainly didn’t. That’s why he was shocked to learn “how impervious to hot water they are! My wife’s shower seems permanently set at scalding. Washing the dishes — scalding! Bath water- scalding No sexy time in the shower here, I value not melting my skin!”
  18. Tampons can hold a lot of liquid. This was so mindblowing to u/shinylittlelamp, he had to do a little experiment at home. “Tampons are super absorbant. She came home one day and the sink was full of saturated tampons because i was just amazed by how much water one can hold. I was chastised and sent immediately out to buy more. Totally worth it,” he wrote.
  19. That doesn’t go like that! U/cloveuga thought just any old folding method would work. So, he was shocked to find out that “there is a wrong way to fold a towel.” There’s also a wrong way to fold sheets and clothes!
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