Things We Do Without Even Trying That Turn Men On

Some of us try way too hard to get male attention. However, it doesn’t take all that much work, especially if you’re already in a relationship. Your boyfriend will find certain things you do attractive, even if you think that they’re silly or embarrassing. You’d probably be surprised that doing these things can turn men on without you even realizing it:

  1. Wearing his baggy clothes. Walking around in his oversized t-shirt is bound to turn him on. It’s even better if you have nothing on underneath it except for your underwear. Then it’ll give him easy access to your beautiful body (assuming that’s what you want).
  2. Quoting his favorite movie. If he tells you he loves you, and you reply with, “I know,” the Star Wars geek in him is going to explode. There’s something sexy about knowing that your partner is just as big of a movie buff as you are.
  3. Checking him out. The next time you check out his body, make sure he notices it. It’ll turn him on to know that he’s turning you on.
  4. Talking about a topic you’re passionate about. When you talk about your favorite hobby, movie, or sex position, you’re going to smile and your eyes are going to light up. Even if he doesn’t care about the topic, he’s going to love watching you talk about it, because it’ll bring some life into you.
  5. Exercising. Don’t worry about looking sweaty at the gym, because men love to watch you work out. He’ll think it’s sexy that you actually take care of your body. Plus, if you’re doing something like yoga, it’ll give him a chance to check out your booty.
  6. Reading a book you’re into. You should never dumb yourself down to impress a man, because they actually prefer intelligent women. That’s why he’ll be happy to see you curled up with a book instead of binge watching Netflix again.
  7. Dancing like no one’s watching. You don’t have to grind against a guy on the dance floor to turn him on. If you’re humming in the kitchen while performing ridiculous dance moves, he’ll be just as turned on. He’ll love to see you having fun, especially when you don’t think anyone is watching.
  8. Putting your hair up. Men like hair of any color and texture. They love watching us brush our hands through it, twirl it, and even put it up in a ponytail. If they’re not close enough to touch it, they want to see us touching it.
  9. Forgetting to wear a bra. The only thing sexier than seeing you without a bra is watching you take your bra off while your shirt is still on. Men want to know that there aren’t too many layers between your skin and his. Besides, without a bra, it’s easier to see the outline of your breasts.
  10. Smiling. If he really cares about you, seeing you at your happiest will turn him on. The right guy will love your smile just as much as he loves the rest of your body.
Holly is a science fiction and horror writer, who has recently been published by Flash Fiction Press, Infective Ink, and Popcorn Press. You can find more of her nonfiction articles on All Women Stalk, The Talko, and News Cult.