8 Things We Wish We Could Say To The Guys Who Ghosted Us

If you’ve been ghosted, you know what it’s like to be blindsided and left with no explanations when you thought stuff was going well. It’s happened to too many of us to count, and it’s total BS. Since we never got so much as a text to tell us it was over, we never got a chance to say these 8 things to the a-holes who ghosted us:

  1. “You missed out, big time.” Seriously, you had a great thing right in front of you, and you were too foolish to realize it. Not only did you not see what was there, you totally burned a bridge in the process. Even if you ever did realize you’ve made a mistake, the damage is already done, and we’re not taking you back.
  2. “You’re a sorry excuse for a man.” Real men can deal with their feelings, and have the guts to actually verbalize them to the other person. If you think what you’re doing is OK, it totally isn’t, and the reality is, you’re not 16 anymore. Being too much of a coward to explain yourself is pathetic, and while you might think you are, you’re not cool at all.
  3. “Wtf even happened?” How is it possible that one minute everything was perfectly fine, and the next you’re nowhere to be found? It’s not that we think we’re perfect, but considering you liked us five minutes ago, it’s hard to figure out what could have possibly went wrong so quickly. The only thing that seems to make sense is that you’re the problem, and you’re simply a coward.
  4. “Karma is a bitch, you know.” Ya, if you’re not worried about that, you probably should be. Lets be serious here, karma is real and with the way you act, you’re going to get kicked in the ass with it really hard one day. We won’t lie, either — we really hope it happens.
  5. “How do you not feel guilty?” Going around and ghosting a series of girls for no particular reason has to make you feel like crap, doesn’t it? It’s pretty sad that you can be so incredibly selfish and not even stop to think about considering someone’s feelings other than your own.
  6. “Are you ever going to stop acting like a man-child?” You’re a grown man who clearly has no ability to effectively communicate like one. It’s actually really embarrassing, and even if you do ever smarten up, your relationships will probably be dysfunctional because you’ve never learned to actually do them properly.
  7. “Screw you.” You didn’t even have the decency to tell us you weren’t interested anymore, which pretty much makes you a piece of crap. A normal person sends some sort of explanation, even if it’s by text, to let the other person know it’s just not working out. The fact that you couldn’t do anything at all shows exactly what kind of person you are.
  8. “Good riddance.” As much as you pissed us off by randomly bailing, in the end we’re more than glad you did. Not only are we so much better without you, but it’s such a relief to not have to deal with your BS anymore. You leaving has opened the door for much better men to walk through, and for a chance at real happiness.