Things Women Are Tired Of Guys Giving Us A Hard Time About

Things Women Are Tired Of Guys Giving Us A Hard Time About ©iStock/Eva-Katalin

Sometimes guys have no idea how to treat the women in their lives. It’s not just on the relationship side of things, either — they say or do blatantly rude things to women they’re dating and ones that are near strangers in equal measure, thinking it’s not a big deal. Well, it’s getting old and we’re pretty sick of hearing it. Sure, “not all men” are like that, but more guys than not need to stop with the following BS immediately.

  1. Our weight. Unless you’re our personal trainer or nutritionist, please kindly shut the hell up about how much we weigh. Every woman’s body is different, and rest assured, fellas — we are well aware of what size we are, and you have no right to use it against us or make underhanded compliments about being a “chubster” or “skin and bones.” How would you like it if your penises were always on display for us to make size comments about? Stop it.
  2. Our diet/workout plan. Whether a woman chooses to have a slice of pizza, or chooses to lift weights in the gym and craft herself a muscular physique, it’s not your place to say anything. Women are allowed to treat their body the way they feel happiest, and if she likes to bulk muscular arms and insane quad muscles, you have no right to say she’s “too muscular” or needs to put the pizza down.
  3. Not wanting sex enough. Sometimes women just don’t want to have sex. Who can blame them if you’re giving her a hard time about it? Just a heads up — women actually are less likely to want to have sex with you if you’re nagging her about it. Try to make her feel good about herself instead by treating her with kindness and honest affections and she’ll be ripping off your clothes more routinely.
  4. Wanting sex too much. For decades, men have been able to sleep with whomever they want in mass numbers and are heralded heroes, but when a woman has the same high sexual drive and energy, she’s called a slut. If she sleeps with a man too soon, she’s a slut. If she makes a dirty joke, she’s a slut. I’ve even heard men calling women who wear red lipstick sluts. Umm, what?! Who and how many people anyone sleeps with is none of anyone else’s concern as long as it’s not hurting anyone. End of story.
  5. Having emotions and reacting to them. Sometimes when we tell a man how we’re genuinely feeling, and he doesn’t like it, we’re suddenly “crazy.” Ugh. I don’t even have enough time to write how annoying and juvenile this really is. Go away.
  6. Walking down the street, minding our own business. We can’t even walk down the street at times without someone honking at us or making some type of atrocious pass. Honking is annoying. Calling us “baby” when we’ve never seen you before in our lives is annoying. Calling us “hot ass” is annoying. Your catcalling is a giant burning red flag of annoying.
  7. Our biological clocks. This one is just plain mean. Women have an emotional sensitivity to their child-bearing years and when you remind a woman that her “time is running out,” it just adds insult to injury. We are well aware, and sometimes we wrestle with it. Imagine if your penises just fell off at a certain age. You’d be sensitive too.
  8. Wanting a meaningful relationship. Wanting a relationship is something we should never feel ashamed about, even if you don’t want one with us. I’ve heard so many men who say they’re sick of meeting women who just want a serious relationship as if it’s some sort of giant flaw. If you don’t want one and she does, accept your differences and go your separate ways. There’s no need to be rude.
  9. Being “girly.” So, most women can’t lob a baseball at 70 miles per hour or throw a football 60 yards down a field. Maybe we can’t open pickle jars sometimes or have a hard time moving furniture pieces on our own. What’s your point? There are also a lot of women who can. We’re not “doing things like a girl,” we’re just doing them as ourselves, and sometimes we need help just like everyone else. We’re women. Yes, we differ from men, but that’s what makes us beautiful and unique in our own ways. So stop giving us a hard time about it.