Things Women Do That Scare Men Off, According To A Guy

If you constantly find yourself the victim of ghosting by guys, you may be wondering what’s going on and why you can’t manage to find love. If you’re pulling any these moves, is it any wonder you’re still single AF?

  1. Textalanche Sometimes a guy is just actually working. Just because you’re not talking all the time doesn’t mean he isn’t into you or isn’t thinking about you. Don’t flip out if he doesn’t text you back within 14 seconds. Step away from the phone and do something else!
  2. Flaking out Hey, just let us know in advance if you can’t make a dinner or drinks. Don’t dither and wait for the last minute to cancel. A truthful explanation will usually suffice. So what if you’re on your period and feel like crap? A cool guy will totally understand.
  3. Not having any other friends It’s totally bizarre when you suddenly have no friends or no other interests just because you’re dating us. A guy doesn’t want to be your sole interest. It’s creepy. Don’t fixate, moderate.
  4. Awww, Snookums! Uh, no thanks. Baby talk is weird. We’re not 14 years old. Keep your pet names a bit more modern and mundane or risk freaking us out.
  5. Not letting us breathe You’re ok and he’s OK… in small doses. Let a guy have his interests. Just because he’s going for a 30-mile bike ride Saturday morning doesn’t me he’s not into you. Seriously. You should have something better to do than worry about it anyway.
  6. Being an ice queen Look, some guys are into this, but most aren’t. If you’re cold, a guy will get a chill. He’s not into begging for your affection. Just be real and down to Earth.
  7. Being jealous AF Not OK under any circumstances. In this day and age, almost every normal guy has lots of female friends, and many are on good terms with their exes. Let’s be mature about it. He’s not going to drop his good friends (male or female) to put your mind at ease.
  8. Making the guy pay every time OK, it really is 2018. Women, especially women in their 20s and 30s, often out-earn a guy. There’s no reason a lady can’t pay for dinner once in a while. Make a guy feel special!
  9. Spamming your social media about him What? Seriously, after a second date you’re going crazy on social media proclaiming your eternal love for him? At least give it a month!
  10. Asking him to meet your parents too early This is a big deal for a guy. He takes this really seriously. Give him time to feel comfortable before the sit down with your folks. Otherwise, you risk him running out the door.

Kevan Huston – Kevan is an eater of sushi, a runner of many miles, and a listener of soul. If you want to connect with Kevan, you can find him on Blogspot, and Twitter.

Kevan is an eater of sushi, a runner of many miles, and a listener of soul. If you want to connect with Kevan, you can find him on, at and Twitter @kevanhuston.