Things You Hate About Your Body That Men Actually Love

No matter who you are or how confident and comfortable you are with yourself, everybody is bound to experience insecurity of some kind. It’s just part of human nature. More times than not, these insecurities tend to be all about our physical appearance, and it’s safe to say most women have a few body parts that they don’t like themselves. As a guy, I can assure you that you don’t have to worry because the things women hate about their bodies tend to be the things men love.

  1. Your feet I don’t want to say this about all men, but a lot of us are surprisingly into feet. If you like to get pedicures or wear jewelry near your ankles, a lot of guys will take notice and like that when they see your feet for the first time. You also shouldn’t be too paranoid about your feet being too big or too small because most guys won’t notice the size. They care most about them being cleaned and well cared for.
  2. Your hands There’s no reason for women to hide their hands in their pockets or to find other ways to avoid showing off their hands. Most guys love a woman with dainty hands, especially if they’re nice and soft. Also, it’s not a deal-breaker or anything, but most guys will appreciate it when women get a manicure or add some color to their nails. It shows that you have style and like to have fun, which can be an attractive quality.
  3. Your butt Admittedly, some guys tend to have a specific preference when it comes to the size and shape of butts. However, if you’re feeling insecure because your butt might be too big, that’s definitely not a problem for most guys. Most tend to be inherently attracted to curves, so there’s nothing wrong with a round posterior. At the same time, little or “flat” butts are perfectly fine too and only a small number of guys are going to completely reject a woman just because her butt isn’t big enough.
  4. Your lips To some extent, I get why women wish they had large, pouty lips, but I assure you that thin or skinny lips are just as good. It’s rare that a guy will have strict preferences when it comes to a woman’s lips. It has so much more to do with what you say and do with those lips. The next time you worry that your lips are too thin, you can stop worrying because it doesn’t matter that much. Please don’t go plumping them up with loads of fillers just for us – it’s really unnecessary.
  5. Going makeup-free I can sort of understand why women feel a little insecure when they go out without their make-up on. It does seem like something that can help make a woman feel more confident in her appearance, but not all guys are big fans of women who wear a lot of makeup. If it makes you feel good, that’s cool too, but so many more guys than you realize are into the natural look.
  6. Your Love handles I know, love handles are the enemy and all of us wish we could lose an extra five pounds. Believe it or not, guys sometimes have similar thoughts when they’re carrying a little extra weight. However, it’s not that big of a deal. After all, they’re called “love handles” not “hate handles.” Granted, this may not apply to the worst, most superficial guys. But a lot of us prefer a woman who has a bit of fluff rather than someone who’s thin as a rail.
  7. Small boobs Okay, I’m not going to pretend to understand what it’s like to have boobs, but I can say that the days of all guys only preferring women with big breasts are long gone. Yes, there might be a few holdovers, but it’s possible for a woman to look sexy and attractive no matter how big her chest is. At the end of the day, guys just like boobs, period. Most of us aren’t overly concerned with how big or small they are.
  8. Your Thighs Much like breasts, most guys aren’t overly concerned with whether your thighs are too big, too small, or somewhere in the middle. It’s not a body part that men are overly concerned with most of the time. Frankly, a woman’s thighs are so close to other parts of the body that are fun, that by the time we get anywhere close to them, we’re not really making any harsh judgments about them. In fact, most guys are fans regardless of what they look like or how big they are.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.