Things You Overanalyze In Relationships – And Why You Should Stop

Things You Overanalyze In Relationships – And Why You Should Stop ©iStock/Constantinis

Relationships can be confusing things all on their own, and they’re made even more confusing by your insane imagination. Most of us who are prone to overanalyzing things eventually realize that there’s nothing good communication can’t fix, but if you find yourself caught in a vicious circle of worrying about stuff that isn’t important or creating problems that don’t exist, you need to get a grip on yourself before you lose your relationship.

Here are 14 things that you’re probably overanalyzing and why you need to stop.

  1. When he doesn’t text you back. Girl, it’s fine. When people say “he’s probably busy”, he probably really is. Nothing ends a relationship faster than a paranoid partner.
  2. When he cancels plans. Cancelling plans doesn’t necessarily mean anything about your relationship, especially if the person doing the canceling is quick to re-schedule. If you’re busy or if something’s come up, it’s not the end of the world – just promise to make it up to them!
  3. Saying what you want. Guys aren’t mind readers, no matter how much we wish they were. If you’re in a relationship, you have to learn how to speak your mind. Don’t like horror movies even though he does? Oh well. Can’t stand his smelly feet? That’s fine too!
  4. Telling him about your period. All women get periods, period. If your man is squeamish about it, well, that’s just something he has to get over. This isn’t middle school.
  5. Your relationship status. If you’re not sure where you stand with your man, then ask him. Don’t sit around over-thinking every text you exchange with him, trying to find some hidden meaning in his words.
  6. Telling him you need some alone time. We all need some time to ourselves now and then, and he won’t take it personally.
  7. Your latest profile picture. Should you put up the one of the two of you in it? Will he think that’s possessive, or that you’re putting some “claim” on him? No. Friends have pictures of their other friends in their profile pictures – it really doesn’t mean a thing. Now, changing your relationship status on Facebook… that’s another matter.
  8. Occasionally mentioning an ex. The fear that you feel the first time you accidentally mention an ex? Yeah, we’ve all been there. But the reality is that your ex was probably a big part of your life for a period of time, so he’s bound to come up in conversation now and then. Don’t stress too much about it.
  9. Leaving your stuff at his house. Leaving stuff at his place makes sense. It’s practical. All you have to do is ask him if he minds, and then stop overanalyzing it.
  10. Calling him when you’re drunk. We all make drunk phone calls, it’s not the end of the world. The best way to stop overanalyzing your drunk dialing is to just call him sober and apologize. You can figure out what you said and how he took it there and then. Chances are, you just wanted to say hi and that you really liked him. No biggy!
  11. Telling him what you want long term. When you’re in a relationship with someone, knowing what their future plans, ambitions and aspirations are can be very revealing. It’s important to know that you’re on the same page, so don’t freak out about telling him. If you want a career, go you! Make that clear to him. Likewise, if what you want to be is a mother, then good for you! He needs to know that, as well.
  12. Introducing him to your family and meeting his. Honestly, there’s just no way you can prepare yourself for this. It’ll either go well, or it won’t. Don’t overthink it, just enjoy meeting new people!
  13. Trying to be good in bed. Are you enjoying it? Yes? Then it is okay. But if you’re wondering if there’s things he’d like to try, then ask him. It’ll probably just excite him to know that you’re thinking about it!
  14. What he meant when he said… You can’t know what he meant when he said something. You’re not psychic. If he said something that you’re not sure about, just ask him politely what he meant by it.
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