Things You Should Know Before Dating A Gemini

Things You Should Know Before Dating A Gemini ©iStock/ajkkafe

I’m the proud owner of a twin personality. That’s right — I’m a Gemini and I represent my sign perfectly. While we’re not right for everyone, I can guarantee dating a Gemini is a unique, exciting experience.

I guess I’m biased, but I don’t think I’m all that mysterious. My boyfriend might tell you different, but I’m lucky to have found a Libra, the sign that’s also a Gemini’s perfect match. Curious what’s so special about Geminis? Be around one for 10 minutes and you’ll quickly see many of these traits:

  1. We know who we are. Even at a young age, we’re confident in who we are. It’s one of the things that draws others to us. We know what we want and who we want to be and we make it happen.
  2. We’re open-minded, but opinionated. We love debates. Some might think we just like to argue, but the truth is, we love hearing how others think. Sure, we have our own opinions and we’ll defend them ’til we die, but we’re actually pretty open-minded and don’t mind change.
  3. We love to talk, but we’re great listeners. Give us a chance and we’ll talk for hours. We never run out of things to talk about. That doesn’t mean we’ll ignore you — we want you to talk, too. Stimulating conversation is kind of something we thrive on.
  4. We’re highly independent. Knowing who we are at a younger age tends to make us extremely independent. Sadly, this kind of scares some guys away. We’re not hard to date, though. Just make sure to give us some space to be ourselves.
  5. We love to multitask. We don’t just love it, we have to do it. Our minds are crazy hectic, so we kind of get bored if you don’t have multiple things to do at once. We’re amazing at event planning though and getting things done quickly.
  6. We’re always trying something new. We’re a little on the curious and adventurous side. Sure, we have our favorite hobbies, but we’re always on the hunt for something new. A night in is great, but if you want to go do something random, we’re up for that, too.
  7. Our moods and interests change quickly. No, it has nothing to do with our hormones, either. One second we’re into rock climbing and the next we can’t get enough of ballroom dancing. Don’t freak out if we seem happy and talkative one minute and quiet and thoughtful the next. It’s just how we’re programmed.
  8. We’re intelligent and thoughtful. It’s not unusual to find Geminis in science and tech-related fields. We’re intelligent, but what sets us apart is how we think. We don’t make snap decisions, we think things through. If we’ve made a decision, you’ll know that it’s well-thought out.
  9. We get bored easily. Honestly, it’s the worst part about being a Gemini. It’s also why we tend to have so many different interests. Seriously, I could list at least two dozen interests I have right now. It’s exhausting, but in a good way.
  10. We value commitment, but need stimulation. When we care about someone, we commit 100%. The problem is, we also crave stimulation. This is where it’s difficult dating a Gemini. You have to be willing to talk to us, do things with us and encourage our interests. Otherwise, we do get bored.
  11. We love flirting. Don’t take it personally if you’re dating a Gemini and they seem flirty around others. We just have flirty personalities. We actually have to work at it to turn it off. Just remember, when we’re seriously flirting, there’s a difference.
  12. We’re social butterflies and couch potatoes. We absolutely love being around people and people love us. We’re easy to talk to and are often the life of the party. On the other hand, we’re perfectly happy sitting on the couch all day watching TV. Give us a mix of both and you’ll have a happy woman on your hands.
  13. Sarcasm’s our middle name. We’re masters at sarcasm. Some call us cynical, but they’re just jealous. We great at one-upping those annoying one-liners and making all our friends laugh with our sometimes super sharp wit.
  14. We’re a little to ambitious sometimes. We kind of need somebody to bring us back down to Earth sometimes. We love taking on big projects, but we kind of over estimate our abilities. Don’t worry, we will try again, but we’ll start with something smaller this time.
  15. We’re logically emotional. We often confuse people since we’re both logical and emotional. Neither side rules us. We’re able to think things through with our heads, but we listen to our hearts too. Sometimes, it’s annoying listening to both, but it works out well for us.
  16. Yes, the “twins” confuse even us. Seriously, it’s not like there’s two people living inside us. I feel more balanced, than split. Maybe that’s it. The twins keep us in balance so our personalities are the best of both worlds.
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