If You Think Women Who Wear Lots Of Makeup Are Guilty Of “False Advertising”, You’re An Idiot

With makeup tutorials being all the rage at the moment, more and more of us ladies are learning the tricks of the trade (no pun intended) and looking awesome doing it. Some men feel as though it’s their duty to call women out on using this craft to “deceive” potential mates into believing we’re more attractive than we actually are, but here’s why you’re an idiot if you believe that malarkey:

  1. Women don’t exist to please your personal preferences/tastes. Women aren’t required to dress or style their clothes or makeup for anyone, least of all some random basement dweller on the internet who thinks it’s his job to police women’s bodies. It doesn’t matter if YOU don’t personally like red lipstick. She’s probably not wearing it for you anyway. Exit stage left, please.
  2. If you honestly believe a woman has big, black wings on her naturally gold, glittery eyelids, you need to have your head examined. Women aren’t trying to deceive you into believing we actually have shimmery alien skin; we just like how it looks, man. What’s wrong with that?
  3. All makeup looks are not made to appear “natural” the same way they’re not all meant to be dripping with sex appeal. Dramatic makeup can look amazing in the right setting but it doesn’t mean that the lady wearing it looks BAD naturally. Not everything is that black and white and both things can be true. It’s not trickery; she’s still the same woman inside, even if her cheeks are a little more contorted and her eyelids a little smokier.
  4. Makeup can be empowering. Makeup can make women feel strong and beautiful. Why would you want to lessen that strength by implying that she’s somehow tricking the world into believing she’s something that she’s not? Oh, right — patriarchal nonsense or simply ignorance on the subject. Either way, don’t kill her vibe.
  5. A bare face is not synonymous with “ugly.” Often times if a woman steps outside with a completely bare face, people will tell her she looks tired, sick, or unkempt. This is not only insulting but can make a woman think that their bare face is ugly and should be hidden when this simply isn’t true. However, on the flip side, if a woman wears what someone considers “too much” makeup, she’s often treated like an airhead or told she’s “tricking people”, which also isn’t true. It’s really a lose/lose situation for women.
  6. You should want your potential mate to feel comfortable and confident. If wearing makeup provides that for her, so be it! Don’t stomp out her shine by shaming her into believing that she’s deceiving people. Why is it such a big deal to you what she puts on her face, anyway?
  7. Makeup isn’t always about hiding your so-called flaws, it’s about highlighting your best features. Adding a shimmery highlight to your cheekbone or cupid’s bow is a great way to highlight lips and cheeks. This particular makeup tip (along with tons of others) isn’t a way to hide the features of your face; it’s a way to bring them out instead. How in the world would that merit “false advertising”?
  8. Instead of dissing professional makeup artists who spend years perfecting their craft, appreciate the skill for what it is. You wouldn’t insult a painter by saying, “YOU TRICKED ME INTO BELIEVING THIS PAINTING OF A HORSE WAS REAL!” so quit downplaying a legitimate and real art form. Did you know that to just receive a cosmetologist license in California, one must obtain at least 1,600 hours of coursework and training from an accredited school?
  9. Applying makeup is a beautiful way to express oneself. There are so many horrible things happening in the world; why try to take the happiness out of wearing makeup by making someone feel bad about it? The process of applying makeup can even help lessen anxiety. It can also be a very expressive outlet for how a woman is feeling or wants to feel. Maybe she wants to project a strong image at a job interview so she draws her eyebrow arch a little bolder than she normally does. This isn’t trickery; it’s helping to project an image to the world, the same way a man would wear a suit and tie.
  10. The joy of makeup is how it makes women feel — and if you feel good, you look good. The bottom line is that meanies are always going to negative things to say, regardless of whether or not a lady chooses to wear makeup. I feel as though that’s a sign that she should do whatever it is that makes her little heart happy. If that happiness comes from gelling holographic glitter to her lips, so be it. Sparkle on, ladies.