This Bed Has A Huge Built-In Closet For All Your Storage Needs

Unless you live in a mansion, chances are you’re a bit short on space sometimes. Especially if you live with roommates or in a cramped apartment, sometimes it’s hard to find a place for all your stuff. It definitely is for me, which is why I feel like this bed with its own built-in closet* is so genius. A comfy place to sleep AND storage space? Uh, YES PLEASE.


You get a closet AND a bookshelf with your bed. Yes, it’s awesome that the bed has the closet underneath, which is probably the main draw, but it also has some shelving on the outside for you to store books, DVDs, or whatever else you want on it. It’s basically three pieces of furniture in one, which not only saves space but money too.

The closet beneath the bed is basically a walk-in. Sure, it doesn’t have overhead lighting (unless you count your bedroom light, I guess), but the closet underneath the mattress IS like a walk-in in that you have to open a little wooden “door” at the foot of the bed to go into it. Hey, that’s close enough to a walk-in closet for me!

There’s plenty of storage space in the closet part. You’ve got shelves, a couple of drawers, and even some cubby holes to slide things into. Sure, it might not fit your entire wardrobe, but if you have an average amount of clothes and accessories, it should hold a fair bit and keep it nice and tidy and out of view.

It can even sleep two people! While I personally like to have as much space as possible when I’m asleep, this is technically a double bed and meant to sleep two people, so if you have a partner or even just an occasional overnight guest, you’ll be fine on the bed. Just don’t share your closet space with them! You can check out the bed on Amazon here.

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