This Is How You’ll Keep Me In Your Life

Even though I’m glad we’ve finally found each other, the journey doesn’t end here. In fact, we’ve only just begun. I promise that as long as you live up to your end of the bargain, I’ll be doing the same. And if you’re really in this thing forever, this is how you’ll keep me:

  1. Remember that little things mean the most. To me, the little things are what will always melt my heart. Wink at me from across the room when we’re at a crowded gathering, hold my hand in the car on our Sunday drives, and boil the water so I can steep my favorite tea and curl up on the couch with you. I’ll remember every detail and appreciate you like no one else.
  2. Accept my imperfections. I won’t always be the trophy of perfection, but I’ll always do my best to be the best, most reliable part of your life. Sometimes I’ll feel insecure with myself or will be overcome with stress, but if you can love and accept these sides of me anyways, you’ll help me to better accept myself.
  3. Tell me I’m beautiful. When my mascara runs down my face in the pouring rain, or when my hair looks like a rat’s nest and I’m hanging around the house in an old t-shirt and sweats, tell me then how beautiful I am. If you can love me in my realest moments, I’ll know just how real this thing really is.
  4. Support my wildest dreams. Even when they seem insane, get lost in my ideas with me. Brainstorm with me. Entertain my fantasies. Be out of our minds mad with me.
  5. Encourage me to grow and become better. Even when the moments are low, and I lose confidence in who I am, show me the way back to the light. Build me up. Point out where I can improve. I promise I won’t hate you for it, because I know you just want what’s best for me too.
  6. Forgive me when I’m not at my best. If this thing really is forever, we’re going to fight. It’s inevitable. We’re going to kick up fits that don’t make sense and we’re going to occasionally say stupid things to each other when we’re numbed by the moment. Forgive me and accept my apologies; because I’ll always mean them sincerely.
  7. Distract me with affections. We might have dry spells like everyone, but that’s no reason to kill the intimacy entirely. Sneak kisses from me as we cook dinner together. Touch the small of my back when we’re walking through the grocery store. Remind me you’re still there.
  8. Be brutally honest with me. When I’m being a real pain in the ass — because we know sometimes I will be — tell me. When you’ve done something stupid, admit it. Don’t hide the truth from me and instead know that we can face the brutal truths together.
  9. Love me loyally. I’ll be loyal to you every step of the way and as such, I expect nothing less from you. We’re in this thing together, and nothing and no one should ever stand in our way.
  10. Grow old with me. As the grey hairs begin to take over, and our bodies change in sync with our wisdom, age with me. Become senile with me. Play bridge with me. Love me until our last breath together.
  11. Remind me that bad days are only temporary, but this is forever. When I think I can’t go on any further and have no energy to move forward, calm me with the reminder that life gets hard sometimes, but that even when things are challenging, it’s only temporary. And that no matter how bad things may seem, we have each other to make it through, and we’ll be doing it together forever. This is how you’ll keep me.