This Is The One Guy You Actually Want To Be Around When You Have Your Period

This Is The One Guy You Actually Want To Be Around When You Have Your Period

When it feels like you’re bleeding to death from the vagina and the world sucks, the last thing you want is to be around guys who just don’t get the fact that you’re cranky, in pain, and ready to murder the next person who steps out of line. Guys, for the most part, just don’t get periods — the fact that we bleed every month makes them indifferent at best and grossed out at worst — and we’re expected to keep the whole thing pretty hush hush so as not to offend their delicate sensibilities. Ugh. There’s one guy, however, who not only gets it, but is probably the one guy you want to have around when Aunt Flo comes to town, and his name is Chance Ward.

Chance wrote a Facebook post week that not only went viral, but basically made him the BFF we all need in our lives, especially when we’re in a bind and are in desperate need of a tampon or pad. Basically, he ran into two women at the gym, one of whom was in need of a tampon. Chance overheard the convo and the women apologized, but not only does Chance not go for period shaming, but he also came prepared.

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A guy who keeps tampons and pads on hand just in case any women he’s around happen to need them? Chase Ward, you are a national hero.

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