This Is Why It’s So Annoying When A Guy Cancels A Date

Navigating the modern dating world is a totally daunting task, and finding a guy who wants to do more than Netflix and chill seems like a big win. Everything is looking up… and then all of a sudden, he cancels and you’re left dateless. Having a date get cancelled makes for a pretty unpleasant evening and here’s why:

  1. You had to shave. This is by far the worst part of having your date bail. Shaving your legs, and whatever else, is an chore that very few of us are thrilled to do when we don’t have to. You might feel like a smooth goddess, but when your silky skin is ultimately for nothing.
  2. You did your hair and makeup. Wasting good makeup and breathing in copious amounts of hairspray just to sit at home always makes you feel like a winner. Putting your best face forward for a guy who couldn’t even bother to show up makes you temporarily consider swearing their kind off for good.
  3. You didn’t make any other plans. While all your friends are out on Saturday night, you’re now sitting angrily at home in your sweats with a smooth body and full face of makeup on. You could go out, but now you’re too annoyed and your pride is too damaged to leave and admit defeat to your friends who weren’t expecting you.
  4. It’s embarrassing to get ditched. It happens to the best of us, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Knowing you’ll be getting a bunch of texts asking how the first date went rubs a little more salt in your already tender wounds. Having to tell 10 different people what happened seems slightly cruel considering you’re not the ditcher.
  5. You don’t know how to respond. Depending on his reason for bailing, it’s hard to know whether you should ask to reschedule, or just move on. Deciding whether he is being honest, or making up excuses to ghost you is hard to determine, especially when you don’t know him very well, if at all.
  6. Rescheduling could lead to more disappointment. If you do decide to ask him to reschedule, you’re taking a chance that history will repeat itself next time. It’s intimidating to put yourself out there again especially after he’s made you question how interested he is in the first place. If you don’t take the chance you’ll never know, but if you do and it backfires, you feel worse than you do now. The only thing worse than shaving once for nothing is shaving twice for nothing.
  7. You overanalyze it. Even though there is probably a simple reason for the cancelation, it’s easy to let your mind get the better of you. Wondering what you’ve done wrong when the person barely knows you is a little counterproductive, but even so, it sadly won’t stop you.
  8. You bought a new date outfit. Well, this isn’t a total loss because after all, you did get to go shopping. The downside is the time you spent picking the perfect outfit, and the fact that you didn’t get to wear it that night. The upside is if you don’t want to return it, at least you’re prepared and will look like a fox for next time.