I Thought My BFF Was In The Perfect Relationship, So When Her Boyfriend Hit On Me, It Made Me Question Love

I was so happy for my BFF when she met the man of her dreams and moved in with him. Five years later and Prince Charming just tried to get me into bed while my friend was away for work! Their supposedly perfect relationship now seems like a total lie. Actually, I don’t even know if I believe in love anymore.

  1. They were so perfect together. This guy was everything my BFF ever wanted. I couldn’t even imagine her without him in the picture. This guy seemed caring, attentive and committed and they genuinely looked like they were made for each other. In my head, I was already helping her choose her wedding dress and naming their kids.
  2. It was like a fairytale romance. They met unexpectedly, fell in love, and they carried on loving each other through the years. Or so I thought, anyway. It was like something you’d tell your grandchildren or read in a romance novel. It was definitely the sort of love story you’d tell yourself was too good to be true. Well, turns out it really was too good to be true!
  3. I aspired to have a relationship like that. Seeing my friend so happy with her guy made me believe there might be someone out there who’s just as perfect for me. I read some dating advice once that said that if you’re single, you should actually surround yourself with happy couples to remind yourself that love exists. Well, this relationship definitely made me believe in love. Whenever I felt that things were hopeless, I’d think about these two to make myself get back on track.
  4. When he hit on me, it totally took me by surprise. I never in a million years expected this guy to behave like this. When he first made a pass at me, I thought I’d misunderstood, that he was only joking. But when a guy actually physically grabs you, it leaves very little room for doubt. Here was this guy I thought was absolutely perfect and completely in love with my best friend and he was trying to get me to go to bed with him. WTF???
  5. You can’t really know what lies beneath the surface. Even some abusive relationships look perfectly normal from the outside sometimes, so what chance do you have to spot the cracks in ones that are just generally dysfunctional? This guy was obviously not the perfect boyfriend I thought he was. My BFF had no idea he was looking for something on the side, either. While he appeared to be content and caring, he obviously wasn’t. So how can you trust any long-term relationship to survive? How can you trust your own relationship not to end up this way?
  6. It was all one big lie. In hindsight, although they gave the appearance of a perfect relationship, this couple was actually on the road to trouble and heartache. There was something in this guy that made him act like this. Was this his way of trying to force a breakup? Was he looking for a thrill? Was he genuinely interested in me? Either way, by going behind his GF’s back in the most horrible way possible, he showed that he’s incapable of the sort of love I thought they had. A part of me wanted to never tell my BFF about this and just let her live on in her relationship thinking it was still perfect, but of course I couldn’t do that. She had to know the truth.
  7. Is nothing sacred anymore? It hurts me so much to think that such a beautiful image of a relationship could be destroyed in an instant. I used to think that true love existed and that it’s pure and beautiful. I used to think that this relationship is what true love looked like. Now I don’t even know if there is such a thing anymore.
  8. If even a seemingly perfect couple is doomed, what chance do I have? That’s the problem with looking at something as an outsider and then basing your life goals on it. These guys started off so brilliantly. In fact, this guy swore to both me and my BFF that he was truly in love and happy to begin with. Obviously things changed with time, which leaves me thinking that most relationships must not have a future. If a couple that started off so happy ends up in such a dire situation, can any relationship withstand the test of time? People get used to each other and get used to being in a relationship, so how many just stay together out of habit? How many people secretly cheat on each other? After all, not all guys turn to their GF’s best friend for sex and not all so-called best friends would do the right thing. People have affairs and some affairs can last for years. Sometimes I just despair of this world.
  9. HOW CAN I EVER TRUST ANYONE AGAIN? Knowing that someone who started off as the perfect boyfriend could do something like this is really frightening. Could I count on anyone to be faithful in the long run? I know that I’m going to be really paranoid from now on and it’s freaking me out.
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