Woman Thought Boyfriend Wrote Her A Love Letter, But He Actually Dumped Her In A 7-Page Rant

Woman Thought Boyfriend Wrote Her A Love Letter, But He Actually Dumped Her In A 7-Page Rant

A woman on TikTok revealed that she was overjoyed when she believed her boyfriend had written her a love letter as a token of his affection. However, she soon realized the awful truth: it was actually a 7-page rant that doubled as a breakup. Karla Velarde shared her experience in a clip that’s been viewed more than four million times.


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  1. Velarde really believed her boyfriend had finally done something romantic. At first glance, she assumed the letter from her boyfriend — the typed pages of which she flipped through in her video — was a good thing and a celebration of his love for her. “I was so excited he had finally put in the work,” Velarde wrote in the comments. “[Then] let down.”
  2. What a crappy way to be dumped. Velarde was obviously upset by the man’s decision to end their relationship via a 7-page letter, but that wasn’t even the worst of it. She posted several updates after the initial video, and it seems the drama has continued. When you have a boyfriend, you
  3. The ex-boyfriend has clearly moved on. In one of her update videos, Velarde says a friend called her to say that the ex had tried to match with Velarde’s friend on the dating app Raya. She also revealed that throughout their relationship, her ex wouldn’t let her post certain photos as “it wasn’t convenient for his cheating,” whatever that means.
  4. Her ex isn’t happy with her sharing what went down online. Another follow-up video of Velarde’s shows screenshots of alleged texts she received from her ex accusing her of hiring people to “attack” him online… despite the fact that she never used the guy’s name or photo in any of her videos, even when sharing the breakup letter. “Men are so cowardly, I’m so sorry,” one follower wrote. Another added: “You’re better off without him!!”

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