Conflicting Thoughts You Have When You Decide To Give Up On Looking For Love

Even though there are glimmers of hope along the way, dating is mostly a revolving door of rejection, and a girl can only take so much before she decides to throw in the towel. Sure, you probably aren’t giving up forever, but for now, you can’t help but take yourself out of the game — which, of course, triggers these thoughts:

  1. “Will I miss out on what I’ve been waiting for?” You can’t help but wonder if ending the days of swiping and putting your single profile out there for others to reach out to means that you’re potentially closing the doors to the right one you’ve been searching for all along. Even though it’s a haunting thought, remember that the right person will happen at the right time no matter where you’re at.
  2. “Some people end up alone — that could be my journey.” The reality is that some people do end up alone. I look at those women and I see them living happy lives, despite not having a husband to share it with. You can’t help but allow the thought to cross your mind because it’s a possible reality of life, even if it sucks to think about.
  3. “I just can’t stand another disappointment right now.” You question if you’re giving up on the idea too quickly. You wonder if maybe you’re being too harsh but then you realize you legit couldn’t face another heartbreak. You can only be let down so many times before you feel deflated with nothing left to give. Taking a real step away from trying could be exactly the replenishment you need — only time will tell.
  4. “Will I ever have the energy to put my heart out there again?” You’ll be fearful of the fact that you might never have the appetite for love you once had. You’ll worry that there’s no way to come back from all the BS you’ve experienced and that you’ll never have the honest love you once believed in fiercely. Even if you’re feeling like the end is here now, remember that all it takes is one person to change your mentality completely and that if and when he ever shows up, you’ll be more ready than ever.
  5. “How did I get here?” You’ve put yourself out there and you’ve tried over and over again… so why the hell are you here? You’ll replay every experience that lead you to this point and be reminded all over again why you’re ready to give up.
  6. “I’m a failure.” Like I said; the heart can only take so many beatings before it’s absolutely exhausted and can’t continue. You’ll feel like a failure, but you’re not. There’s nothing wrong with being honest with yourself about what you can and can’t handle. Right now, searching for love isn’t your solution — it’s the problem.
  7. “Maybe I should keep trying.” There will be moments here and there where you feel like you need to force yourself forward and it’s totally fine if that’s what you decide to do. Most of the time, however, when you really do decide to end the search, there’s no coming back from it anytime soon. It’ll take something truly amazing to make it worth your investment.
  8. “I’ll be OK… I think?” You convince yourself you’ll be okay no matter what, because love isn’t the be all, end all of your existence. You’ll occupy your mind with all of the other things that makes your life awesome right here and right now. You might not be looking for love anymore, but so what? Your life is already complete right now — love would just be a happy bonus.