8 Inevitable Thoughts Women Have After Sleeping With A New Guy For The First Time

It doesn’t matter how many guys you’ve slept with (no really, it doesn’t) — there are always a million thoughts that run through our heads after we have slept with a new one for the first time. Even if the afterglow is perfect, we still overanalyze every bit of it because, well, we’re women and that’s what we do. Whether the sex was awesome, terrible, or somewhere in between, the first time always makes us obsess. He’s probably doing it too, so relax — you’re hot.

Here are 7 thoughts all girls have after having sex with a new guy for the first time:

  1. I hope I didn’t jiggle too much. You wonder if your less-than-toned areas jiggled too much and made you look less hot. Did your butt look too big? Your belly? You need to relax, because he’s too busy thinking about the fact that he just got laid to be turned off by your perceived imperfections. In fact, your body got you there in the first place, so don’t let your self-consciousness drive you nuts.
  2. I had fun — did he? I hope he liked it! It’s normal to wonder if he enjoyed the sex as much as you did, especially if you were lucky enough to have a guy who took care of your needs, as well as his own. If he was taken care of, chances are he had a great time, too.
  3. Maybe this was too soon. Should we have waited a few more weeks? Unless it’s a casual hook-up, you’ll always wonder if you rushed and ruined a great thing by having sex too early. There’s no timeline for sex, so if you felt ready, then it was the right time! Don’t let anyone make you feel badly about your choices — just bask in the glory of getting some.
  4. Did I take my birth control? (Or, did he actually wear a condom?) Although this isn’t reserved for new partners, you’ll still stress that you weren’t as careful as you should’ve been.
  5. Was I sexy enough, or did I come off too trashy? Hooking up with a new guy for the first time can be nerve-racking and you might get worried that you won’t be as hot in bed as he thought you were before. Maybe you get worried that your bedroom behavior will make him think you’re promiscuous, but again, he just got laid — you were just fine.
  6. Does he think I’m a whore because I like to (insert whatever kinky things you like to do here)? Just because he may not have experience doing the things you like to do in bed doesn’t mean he’ll think any less of you for it. We all like different stuff, and maybe it’s time he stepped up his game and broadened his horizons.
  7. Did he actually get off or just pretend? Women pretend all the time, so sometimes you wonder if he was doing the same. If you were a smart girl and wrapped it before you tapped it, then you wouldn’t have any proof if he really enjoyed himself or not.
  8. Is he going to call me tomorrow? This is the endless question we ask ourselves about guys: does he dig me enough to call again? Even if its just a hook-up, you want to know you rocked his world and you look forward to another sexy encounter.
C. is an aspiring yogi and Ph.D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG @drparko121314