Thoughts You Have When A Guy Calls You Crazy

Thoughts You Have When A Guy Calls You Crazy ©iStock/Petar Chernaev

It’s happened to all of us. You’re going about your business, living life like the badass you are, when a dude drops the c bomb: crazy. Suddenly, you’re wondering where you went wrong and whether you’re crazy in a cute Taylor Swift kind of way, or more of a ‘seek help immediately’ psychotic type. If the c word has never been bestowed upon you, you’re either completely normal or a nun. Here’s what you’ve probably thought if you have heard it:

  1. “Am I actually insane?” If you were actually crazy, instead of “acting crazy,” there would certainly be warning signs. Unless your friends and family have previously suggested you see a therapist about deep-seated issues, the only issues you have are with this guy, who you should stop seeing immediately.
  2. “What does crazy even mean?” Now you start verging into pop song territory. Whether you’ve been accused of giving off crazy vibes or being insane, it all means the same thing. A dude doesn’t agree with what you’re doing or saying. Or he’s actually terrified of you.
  3. “Are you gaslighting me?” In the movie Gaslight, a husband attempts to convince his wife she’s crazy so he can swindle her. Men do this constantly — tell you you’re crazy if you accuse them of doing something shady, so you’ll question yourself instead of their sketchy behavior.
  4. “Why do I keep getting called crazy?” If you receive this label for than a couple dozen times, it might be time to reevaluate things. If you decide that it’s simply because you’re dating douchebags, please feel free to revert to your former behavior.
  5. “If Lady Lulu existed, would mine say the c-word?” Luckily, there’s no Lulu for ladies right now, but if there was, would yours say crazy in big, block letters? If only there were dating apps that said how people really acted, it would save people time.
  6. “Was it something I said?” There are plenty of times you’ve wanted to either text or say something that could actively be misconstrued as insane, but stopped yourself at the last possible second (unless alcohol was involved). After the c-bomb is dropped, you can’t help but look through your old texts and reliving all your past dates, wondering where you went wrong.
  7. “It’s not me, it’s you.” Sometimes when a guy insists you’re not feeling the right way (i.e. the way he wants you to feel), it’s because he’s not exactly being clear about his intentions. If he’s emotionally unavailable, it’s easier than ever to have your guard up. You might just be protecting yourself, instead of falling hard.
  8. “Why is being crazy a bad thing?” The not crazy ladies are the ones who are passive, normal, and would never dream of questioning a boy’s bad behavior…  and none of that sounds super appealing.
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