Three-Word Phrases You Should Be Saying To Your Forever Person Besides “I Love You”

“I love you” is a special phrase, so it stands to reason that we only use it for people who we truly adore. But if you really want the person you treasure most to know how you feel about them, make sure that those three little words aren’t the only ones you’re using to show your appreciation.

  1. I Am Listening. Let your partner know that you understand and are there for them. Be the attentive listener at the times when they need you the most. Understand, too, that listening transcends nodding your head at the right moments; truly hear what they’re saying, and contribute to the solution.
  2. I Am Proud. It is a basic need of ours to be treasured, appreciated, and loved for who we are. So when someone you love accomplishes something, let them know that you acknowledge what they’ve done. Achievements are nothing without loved ones to celebrate them with. Be there to congratulate them with a hug, a kiss, and of course, your words.
  3. It Is Okay. For those times when your forever person makes a mistake or two, strive to be more than a shoulder to cry on. Be more to them then a helping hand — be a reassuring embrace. Every once in a while, when we find ourselves drowning in oceans of anxiety composed of impeding deadlines, major life events, or unexpected circumstances, it’s always nice to be reminded that everything will be alright.
  4. I Trust You. Trust is crucial to any successful relationship, platonic or romantic. The person you’re in love with shouldn’t feel like you don’t trust them or that you’re secretly waiting for them to betray you. Similarly, they should be able to trust you with everything they have.
  5. I Am Sorry. Forgiveness is one of those essential things we need, but are hesitant to ask for. It’s important that we recognize our wrongs and make amends. Too often, even normally happy couples are divided by an inability to apologize. The more you can admit wrong and say that you’re sorry, though, the easier those words will come out when they’re needed the most.
  6. I Miss You. Haven’t seen your other half in a few weeks, days, hours? I know how easy it is too miss someone you saw just last night or that morning. If you’re feeling their absence, even if it’s only been a little while, let them know. That simple message letting them know you’re thinking about them will brighten up their day.
  7. You Are Right. It’s hard to admit that the person you shot all your carefully constructed rebuttals at was right all along. Still, it’s necessary to let your partner know that you acknowledge their insight and points of view. When you know you messed up, let them know that they had the correct idea about things. It’s okay to admit defeat sometimes.
  8. You Are Wrong. Just as you have to be able to speak up when you were wrong, you also have to be able to tell your forever person when THEY were the one who messed up. If you won’t call them out on what they’re doing, who will? Sticking up for yourself when you know you’re right is just as important as admitting fault when you’ve made an error.
  9. You Are Beautiful. Let your forever person know that they are beautiful to you, and recognize that beauty is not merely confined to the superficial. Sure, it doesn’t hurt to let someone know a particular dress flatters them or that they look incredibly handsome one particular evening, but looks aren’t what’s being referred to here. Let the person you treasure know that they’re beautiful to you in the way they express their thoughts and opinions, in their mannerisms, in their quirks, and in their beliefs.
  10. I Want You. Out of the 7 billion people in the world, you chose them, right? Tell them how much you want them as a partner, as a friend, as a lover, as who they are. Everyone loves to feel wanted. There’s something scarily beautiful about wanting to be with someone forever and ever, so let your partner know that that’s exactly how you feel about them.
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