TikTok Conspiracy Theory Claims China Discovered ‘Unchartered Land’ Of Dinosaurs

Internet conspiracy theories are some of the wackiest, bizarre parts of modern life, but they’re also some of the most entertaining. Take, for instance, a new theory gaining ground on TikTok that claims China has an “undiscovered land” full of real-life dinosaurs that they’re hiding from the rest of the world.

TikToker Raven Holiday, who uses the handle @ravenguru2, took to the video sharing platform to reveal news that could change everything. While at the nail salon, she noticed employees watching “Chinese news” on the TV. Using her phone’s translation app, she found out that they were discussing the discovery of a previously unchartered land featuring “dinosaur-like animals” in China. Now, China is terrified as they believe the animals will track and kill us all as prey.

China has dinosaurs — Raven is sure of it


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Raven couldn’t find any corroboration of this information on the internet, but that’s simply because China and the United States are hiding it. However, she’s sure that the animals will be “unleashed” in the U.S. in the near future and we need to stick together to fight against these creatures. “They have found dinosaur-like creatures over 13 feet tall,” she insisted. She said even her nail tech confirmed it, which must make it true.

So, how many of these dinosaurs does China have knowledge of? There’s no way to tell since every expedition leads to people dying, apparently. “They are saying that the number could be in the thousands to millions of these animals,” she shares. Sure, that sounds legit.

In follow-up videos, Raven claims that in addition to dinosaurs, China has discovered a “new human race species” as well as thousands of other non-dinosaur-like animals in some untapped land that no one else has any knowledge exists. Sure, anything could happen, we guess. I wouldn’t hold your breath for dinosaurs, though.


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Featured image credit: TikTok/@ravenguru2 & iStock/long8614

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