TikToker Exposes Cheating Guy Who Kissed Another Woman While Girlfriend Was In Club Bathroom

An Australian woman on TikTok showed she really is a girl’s girl after she exposed a cheating man who kissed another woman while his girlfriend was in a nightclub bathroom. Lexie, who posts as @lex_not28, posted a clip online of the cheater and asked for social media’s help in locating his girlfriend. It wasn’t long before the clip went viral.


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  1. Lexie thought the woman should know what her boyfriend was up to. Lexie said she didn’t speak to the girlfriend while still at the club for safety reasons, but since she couldn’t, Lexie posted a clip of the cheating boyfriend on TikTok and asked for people’s help in locating his partner, described as a “blonde woman in her thirties.”
  2. She went all out in her appeal. Given how blatant the man’s cheating was, Lexie was desperate to let his girlfriend know what he was up to. “I’m looking for a blonde woman, I would say in her thirties, late thirties, who was at The Avenue on Saturday, August 27,” she said in the clip. “You were there with your fella and some weird brunette chick who seemed to be his friend. When you went to the bathroom, your dude clocked the room to make sure you weren’t there and then started hooking up with the brunette girl.”
  3. The man thought he was being sneaky. Thankfully, Lexie caught the whole thing on video. In her clip, the man cozies up to a woman at a club, putting his arm around her neck and dancing close to her. At one point, the woman he’s dancing with pulls him in for a kiss, and the entire time Lexie’s sitting there like, “WTF?”
  4. Lexie’s followers thanked her for being such a good person. “As someone who was humiliated and kept in the dark … as a woman I’d appreciate this,” one person wrote. Another wrote: “Good on you for doing this. I was engaged to one of these types of men and no one bothered to tell me what was going on for years.” A third person added: “I absolutely love that you got another queen’s back like this!”

So far, it doesn’t seem like the woman has been found, but I hope she is eventually!

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