Why It’s Time To Stop Dating Bad Guys Once & For All

Why It’s Time To Stop Dating Bad Guys Once & For All ©iStock/Eugenio Marongiu

Being disappointed time and time again by the same type of guy is a brutal feeling, but what’s worse is that you keep giving them the opportunity to disappoint you. We all know that dating a toxic guy is going to end in disaster, so why aren’t you avoiding them altogether?

  1. You’re getting too old for their crap. Let’s face it — the older you get, the less time and patience you have for men who just can’t get their act together. Not only are you probably looking to meet serious contenders with future potential, you’ve had one too many bad relationships to keep dating any more of these idiots.
  2. Your life will be a constant nightmare if you don’t stop now. Dating a toxic guy is one thing when you’re under 25 and still having fun, but trying to settle down with one for real would be a nightmare. Trying to get him to properly commit isn’t entirely impossible, but then trying to get him to contribute to a functional relationship would be a whole other challenge.
  3. You need to stop wasting your time. Even though you can learn something from even the worst of relationships, serial dating idiots is a major waste of your time and energy. You’ll constantly be investing time into guys who not only don’t deserve it, but wasting time in a series of relationships that will be short lived and will destroy your confidence.
  4. It sounds cliché, but you deserve so much better. Loving yourself enough to know that you deserve more than an awful guy is the perfect reason to change your dating habits. Deciding that you won’t put up with being treated poorly will not only give your confidence a big boost, but it’ll put you on the path to better things in the future.
  5. There are good guys who need a chance, too. You can’t complain about never meeting good guys if you never give them a chance. If you’re constantly occupying your life with toxic guys, you’ll never open the door to the guys that should be there instead. Pay attention to the red flags, ditch the jerks and make room for the good guys from now on.
  6. Their lives and attitudes are a total mess. Surrounding yourself with good people in life is the key to happiness and success which is why dating less than stellar guys is so counterproductive to your well-being. If you want a guy you can bring home to mom and plan a future with, you need to leave the crappy guys in your past.
  7. Once a toxic guy, always a toxic guy. If a guy is still a disaster as a 30-year-old man, he isn’t changing anytime soon, if ever. These types of guys care about themselves more than they care about anyone else and they usually never see themselves as the problem.
  8. You feel alone when you’re with them. Nothing makes you feel more alone than dating a guy who can’t commit or makes you feel like you aren’t good enough for him. Rejecting these types of guys will also help you reject the idea that you aren’t worthy. Ditching them and being single is so much better than allowing someone to make you feel lonely, or bad about yourself, in a relationship.