It’s Time To Switch Your Birth Control Pill For The NuvaRing—It’s A Game-Changer

Don’t you think it’s time you listened to Queen Bey and put a ring on it? Not that kind of ring—I’m talking about the NuvaRing. Single (and non-single ladies) rejoice and put down that sugar pill because I’m here to tell you about the underdog of the BC bracket and how it’ll change your damn life. I’ve been using it for three years and I know I’ll never go back—and neither will you once you read all about it.

  1. It’s Just As Effective As The Pill. From what I gathered from talking to a handful of female friends, the pill still seems to reign supreme in the world of birth control. It’s the OG method (shoutout to my girl, Margaret Sanger) and its rate of effectiveness is relatively high at 91%. I’m here to deliver some great news: NuvaRing is also 91% effective! So, no need to worry about it not doing the job as well as the ol’ tried and true pill.
  2. You Only Have To Think About It A Few Times A Month. Unlike the pill, which for most requires setting a daily alarm on your phone so you don’t forget to take it, NuvaRing only requires that you think about it twice a month. The first time being when you put it in, and the second time is three weeks later when it’s time to take it out! Personally, I like to keep track of what day I put my ring in and what day I take it out in the Notes app on my phone. It doesn’t get any more millennial than that.
  3. It’s Not As Permanent As An IUD or Implant. Sure, the IUD and the implant are even more “forgettable” than the NuvaRing (as in, you pretty much forget there’s something inside you in the first place). However, the IUD and implant are long-term methods that are meant to last you anywhere between four and 12 years! If I wanted to, I could take my ring out right now and start using another method. But I’m not going to, because I love it so much.
  4. You Don’t Need To Have A Doctor Insert It. While you still have to go to the doctor’s office to get your prescription filled, the ring doesn’t need to be put in by a doctor like an IUD or implant. It’s all you, girl. If you’ve ever wanted to get more “in touch” with your sexuality, today is the day! For real though, once you get the hang of putting it in, it’s pretty simple.
  5. It Provides A Sense of Security, If You Will. You’re the person who puts it in and takes it out, so there’s absolutely no need to worry about whether or not the little bugger is doing its job. If it’s inside you, the no-baby-zone is in full effect.
  6. You Can’t Feel It, Though. Even though you know it’s inside of you (after all, you’re the one who put it in), you honestly can’t feel it at all! And just to quell any fears you have about foreign objects getting lost up there, it can’t go missing inside of you. Cue sigh of relief.
  7. You Can Take It Out (For Up To Three Hours). Although the chances of you feeling the NuvaRing are practically zero, it’s very possible that your partner will feel it during sex. And if it weirds them out for whatever reason, you can remove it for up to three hours. Just please, PLEASE don’t forget to put it back in.
  8. You Can Leave It In During Sex. Or if your partner is like my boyfriend, who isn’t bothered by the presence of the ring, then you can go ahead and leave it in during sex. Pretty cool, huh?
  9. You’ll Know When Your Period Is Coming. The NuvaRing is in for three weeks and out for one week…which means that you can always count on your period happening during the week that it’s out. If you’ve been using the ring for a few months, it’s even possible to pinpoint which day of the week your period will start!
  10. You Can Skip It If You Want. If you’re going on vacation and want to avoid your period that month, all you have to do is use NuvaRing continuously. In other words, insert a new ring right after removing the previous one instead of leaving it out during week four.
  11. One Trip To The Pharmacy = Months of Protection. One box of NuvaRing contains three individually wrapped and sealed rings, so you only need to go to the pharmacy about 4 times a year! Less hassle, less gas money spent on driving back and forth, and more peace of mind for you.
  12. It Doesn’t Affect Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant. Someday, when I want to start trying to get pregnant, all I’ll have to do is take my NuvaRing out and never look back! The ring doesn’t mess with your fertility at all, which is a plus for those of us who want to have kids someday.


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