Tinder Is For More Than Hooking Up If You Know How To Use It Right

Tinder Is For More Than Hooking Up If You Know How To Use It Right ©iStock/BraunS

Sure, most of the guys you meet on Tinder are going to be looking for a one-night stand rather than a long-term relationship, but you can use Tinder for more than hooking up. OK, so you might not want to, but for those who aren’t into that, it’s still worth swiping now and then.

It wasn’t until recently that I even tried out Tinder. My friend was using it, so I had to check it out. That’s when I discovered all you could really do with the app. I’m not using it for love or hooking up, but it has made made for some fun nights with my friends. Here’s what else you can do with Tinder:

  1. Actually go on a real date. “You must be joking. You can’t find love on Tinder,” you’re thinking. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but Tinder’s just an easy to use dating app without all the pesky questions. Chat up someone you like and see if they’re into more than casual sex. Find the right guy and go on a real date. It’s possible.
  2. Meet new people. You don’t have to date or hook up. Let’s face it — it’s almost as hard to meet new friends as it is to find a good man. We’re busy people. Go ahead and try meeting new friends. Just make it clear that’s what you’re looking for.
  3. Discover your type. Not sure what your type really is? Start swiping and you’ll figure it out pretty quickly. You’ll notice what body type, hair color, eye color and personality stands out most or maybe even become attracted to guys you never would have considered had you met them in the flesh first.
  4. Master the art of the one liner. If you want to do more than swipe left or right, you’re going to have to eventually chat with others. Now’s your chance to master the art of the one liner to get a guy hooked. While it’s embarrassing to fail miserably in person, it’s easier to see what works and what doesn’t via an app.
  5. Enjoy the cheapest form of entertainment. I couldn’t stop laughing once I started swiping. Seriously, what the hell are some of these people thinking? Need a quick laugh? Swipe a few times and you’ll find some pics that’ll have you crying.
  6. Find people with the same interests. This is actually one I’m thinking of doing myself. A few of my friends found guys to join in on their game night (without any sex involved). Turns out they were all into Dungeons & Dragons. It might take some work, but you could finally find someone local who’s into whatever obscure interest you have.
  7. Catch your man cheating. Hell, some men really are that stupid. He thinks you won’t possibly be on Tinder, so he’s safe to use it to hook up while you’re out with your friends. Go ahead, use it too. If you ask him and he looks terrified, he’s probably cheating.
  8. Boost your self-esteem. While you don’t have to respond to anyone, it’s a nice self-esteem boost to realize how many guys think you’re hot. Remember, it’s all about looks here. Hate your body? Use Tinder and you’ll see you’re beautiful, after all.
  9. Easily eliminate guys from your dating pool. One of my guy friends gave me this idea. He has an odd sense of humor, so if a woman just didn’t get him, he knew not to waste time on her if he saw her in person. Think of Tinder as a quick way to eliminate guys you have no chance of clicking with.
  10. Discover what hot guys your friends know, but haven’t told you about. For users who haven’t locked down their Facebook privacy, you can quickly see if any hot guys also happen be friends with your friends. At that point, skip Tinder and use your friend to help you get the guy.
  11. Learn how to handle losers. Yes, you’re going to meet some creeps and losers. That’s true with any dating app, or even dating in person. Get some practice learning how to deal with their comments and telling them to back the hell off.
  12. Turn it into a drinking game. The Big Bang Theory gave me this one. Set some rules, such as one shot for guys without a shirt, two shots for guys without pants and three shots for guys holding a puppy. Just don’t do anything crazy like try to hookup after a few too many shots. Remember, it’s the beer goggles making everyone suddenly seem super hot.
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