Tinder: A Place To Find Eligible Bachelors Or Your Nightly Comedic Entertainment?

Tinder started out as a controversial no-strings attached hookup app that gave Craigslist a run for its money in terms of seediness level. You gave your friends the side-eye when they told you they signed up. But you quickly realized that completely regardless of its matchmaking potential, Tinder is frankly awesome. There are a million things going through your head when you decide to click open the mother of all hookup apps, and hooking up isn’t actually always your main motivation. The reasons you use Tinder are honestly pretty varied.

Here are just some of the reasons you can’t help but swipe right and say yes to wasting an hour or two hunched over your iPhone sorting through your matches:

  1. You think your boyfriend is full of himself sometimes? Sort through a few dozen pictures of random guys posing with their best pouty faces or neck-down body photos and you’ll see how much worse it could be.
  2. It sounds weird to use a hookup site to make platonic friends, but when you’re in a new city sometimes it’s just really hard to meet new people. Tinder is an easy way to find a platform where people are open to meeting new people, so why not?
  3. The guy/girl ratio is basically a dream come true. Putting yourself on Tinder is like dangling a mouse in front of hundreds of eager cats. Let the games begin.
  4. You can’t wait to post funky photos and see what kind of responses they’ll get.
  5. But you’re awesome at coming up with witty one-liners.
  6. And Tinder is just a never-ending source of hilarious ridiculousness. You couldn’t come up with this stuff if you tried. Especially if you live in Brooklyn.
  7. OKCupid? Too pseudo-intellectual. ChristianMingle? Meh, the guys there expect to meet a budding Martha Stewart. JDate? Well, you’d have to convert first, so there’s that. Real life? Oh, please. Everyone knows that doesn’t actually happen anymore. Might as well see what Tinder has to offer; at least it’ll take you for what you are.
  8. Pick-up lines. The more you do something, the more comfortable you are doing it. If you flirt with guys on a regular basis online, maybe you’ll stop being so nervous in real life.
  9. OK, you’ll admit it. As much as you play off your using Tinder like it’s just some giggly inside joke, sometimes you do just want to use it for its originally intended purpose: to meet a decent guy to hook up with. No biggie. Good luck, girls!
Jessica Levy is a freelance blogger and content writer. She’s also a politics junkie, a fledgling foodie, and a frequent traveler. She has lived in Morocco, Israel, India, and Barbados, and never wants to be cold again. Follow her on Twitter!