Your Tiny Pets Definitely Need A Mini Santa Hat To Get In The Holiday Spirit This Year

The holidays are officially here, and while we humans have all our ways of celebrating, why shouldn’t our pets be getting in on the fun? Etsy seller HandMadeAmErika has thought of the perfect solution to this dilemma, creating an adorable mini Santa hat that you can put on any of your little critters, from chickens and hedgehogs to lizards and more.

  1. They’re red and glittery because why wouldn’t they be? This isn’t just any old Santa hat, it’s a red, glittery Santa hat to ensure that your little friends are not just festive, they’re absolutely fabulous. I’m in love with it!!
  2. They even come with little elastic chin straps! As you can probably imagine, just setting a glittery little Santa hat on top of an animal’s head isn’t going to work out well and will likely just fall off immediately. That’s why these little babies come with an elastic strap to keep them firmly in place on your pet’s head.
  3. Whatever small animal you’ve got, this hat will fit. As the product description reads, “This hat will fit most small animals, such as chickens, hedgehogs, rabbits, ferrets, iguanas, etc. If you are unsure of the size, test-fit your pet with a quarter on the top of his head to get an idea of how this hat will fit.” Now I’m cracking up thinking of a little animal with a quarter on its head!
  4. Sadly, they’re out of stock at the moment. However, more stock is expected on November 23, so keep your eyes peeled on the item page for when they’re back in stock. Believe me, your pets will thank you (and you’ll thank yourself when you see how cute they look in these Santa hats).
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