This Teeny-Tiny Teddy Bear Is Even More Adorable Than The Full-Sized Version

For some reason, our human brains tend to conflate smallness with cuteness. It makes sense, in a way: babies, baby animals, and other tiny things are pretty adorable. Perhaps that’s why I absolutely lost my mind over this tiny teddy bear I found on Etsy. It’s not just little, it’s miniature. Micro, even. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it, but I’m pretty sure I need it in my life and you do too.

  1. Who wouldn’t want a tiny teddy bear made by hand? Etsy seller BooBusyBees makes these themselves to order, meaning every single one is handcrafted and special. In the item description, the seller reveals that the bears are made with sewing tread, a 0.5 tiny crochet hook, and oil paint. You need some pretty deft fingers to be able to do something so small and detailed!
  2. This tiny teddy bear can even move! While you wouldn’t expect there to be much customization available for something so small, that’s not the case here. BooBusyBees has made the bear so that its arms and legs move and it can even sit down. Seriously, their talent knows no bounds. How is that even possible?!
  3. So wait, how small IS this thing? I said it was a tiny teddy bear and I wasn’t lying. The full height of the bear is only 0.9 cm, or about 0.354 inches – not even half an inch! As you can see in the photo, it isn’t even as big as a thumbnail, which makes how well-crafted it is even more impressive.
  4. The reviews speak for themselves: people love it! The shop has many reviews from people who have purchased their own tiny teddy, and they all adore it. “Amazed with how detailed the micro teddy is. I love him and my adult daughter will be thrilled to receive him when I catch up with her. Such a special treasure. Thank you!” one person wrote. Another added: “The tiniest, cutest little thing I’ve ever bought. Great communication too. Will definitely be back for another at some point.” Ugh, gotta go – I need to place an order!
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