This 5-Foot Tall Jenga Game Hides Jell-O Shots In Its Wooden Slots

As far as board games go, Jenga has to be one of the best, right? It takes tons of concentration and a steady hand and can be tons of nail-biting fun. So what could possibly make it better, you ask? How about making it five feet tall and adding some hidden spaces in the wooden playing pieces for Jell-O shots? Yep, that oughta do it. Thanks, Tipsy Topple.

As you’ve probably guessed, this isn’t officially Jenga. Tipsy Topple isn’t associated with Hasbro in any way, but it is an improved spin on an already awesome game. The principal is basically the same: try to remove wooden pieces without knocking the whole structure down. Only this time, if you’re lucky, you might get a Jell-O shot out of it.

This giant version takes drinking games to a whole new level. Tipsy Topple is comprised of  56 pinewood blocks that measure 9 by 3 by 1.8 inches. In total, the game stacks to over five feet tall! Six of the pieces have a single hole for a Jell-O shot and six other pieces have two holes for double the alcoholic fun. This just gets better and better.

You’ll need to stock up on Jell-O shot cups. While the Tipsy Topple set does come with the wooden blocks as well as a convenient carrying case so you don’t lose any, you’ll be responsible for grabbing the standard 2 oz. Jell-O shot cups, which should be easy enough to source.

This is so much fun. The next time you throw a backyard BBQ or get together with your friends at the local park, you need to bring Tipsy Topple with you (as well as a cooler to keep the shots in, of course). There’s literally no way you can play this and not have the best time ever.

It’s available to purchase now on the product’s website. Your own Tipsy Topple will cost you $119.99 and is available to purchase on the website HERE. There may be a slight delay in shipping because of the current health crisis as well as high demand, but it’ll be there before you know it.

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